Her Body Began To Shut Down. That’s When Doctors Admitted ‘It’s The Worst Case We’ve Ever Seen…’

Updated January 22, 2016

A Michigan teenager’s life was almost cut short when her body completely shut down after she developed a rare disease.

“She went from being a normal kid with just flu symptoms, talking, coherent, everything is absolutely fine, to boom… we need severe life support now,” her father Nate Whitten told WZZM 13.

But fortunately this girl’s life was rescued. See the whole story below!

When 15-year-old Rylie Whitten got seriously ill, her family knew she needed professional care. They rushed her to the hospital where doctors realized a horrifying truth.

An infection Rylie contracted had morphed into toxic shock syndrome.

And Rylie’s case of toxic shock syndrome was the worst Dr. Surender Rajasekaran had ever seen.

“So, you have the cardiovascular system failing, you have the lungs failing, filling up with fluid,” he explained. “In her case, it was very serious.”

Toxic shock syndrome is a very rare condition. It occurs in only one in 100,000 people in the United States.

Women who wear the same tampon for an extended period of time experience greater risk of toxic shock syndrome or TSS.

TIP: Experts suggest women change tampons every 4-8 hours to minimize the risk of contracting toxic shock syndrome.

“I do not wish this on anyone in the world,” dad Nate said. “If we could do something somehow, Rylie would want to do that to get this out there.”

In the video below, you’ll discover more about Rylie’s condition and also about how her family is trying to educate the world about TSS.

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