Her Dead Dad Appeared In Her Dreams And Whispered Four Numbers, 6 Months Later She Found Out Why

Updated September 5, 2017

Ever since Diane’s father suddenly died from a heart attack when she was a teenager, she often dreamed about him. She would tell her family that she saw her dad in her dreams, but they didn’t think it meant anything. They thought she just missed her dad and was thinking about him a lot. Although she tried to ignore the dreams, Diane felt they had some kind of importance. But her mother tried to make her see it wasn’t that serious. “Ask him to give you some numbers,” her mother joked. “We can play them for the lottery and maybe become millionaires!” Nevertheless, Diane dreamed of her father for twenty years. And then in 1998, she dreamed of him for the last time and this dream was special.

In her final dream of her deceased father, Diane saw him at a cemetery. She didn’t recognize the plot, but he was preparing a large banquet table on the grass. Some huge celebration was coming. In the background, she saw the tall gravestone that had a statue of the Virgin Mary next to it. She squinted, but she couldn’t read the words on the grave – it remained blurry.

As her father worked to prepare the table, Diane spoke to him. She asked him why he was in the graveyard. He didn’t answer. She asked him other questions. But he said nothing. So Diane decided to take her mother’s advice. She asked her father to show her some numbers – maybe he wanted them to win the lottery after all.

Then he did…

In her dream, Diane’s father turned away from the banquet table and then gave her a sequence of four numbers: 5-0-0-5.

Then she woke up.

The four numbers were buzzing her in head.

She had no idea what they meant or how she was supposed to use them. But she felt their importance – and she rushed to the paper pad on her bedside table and wrote them down just as her father had give them to her.

When she told her mom, she was convinced they should use them to buy their lottery tickets.

Although everyone in the family bought lottery tickets with the number sequence, they didn’t win anything.

Six months later her family lost Diane’s mother. And they forgot all about the mysterious number sequence.

Weeks after her mother’s funeral, Diane was called to visit her mother’s grave. The cemetery was so large, Diane in her grief forgot how to find her mother’s gravesite. So she went up to a cemetery employee and asked for directions. That person wrote it down on the paper. Without looking at it, Diane got back in the car. She drove in the direction the woman pointed and got closer to the area that looked familiar. She didn’t need the written directions after all.

When she stepped out of the car, she looked at the paper.

It said “500 5”

Although her mother was buried in row 50, grave 5, the cemetery attendant wrote the wrong number by mistake. She finally knew what her father meant.

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