Her Gut Tells Her To Follow Stray Dog, Leads To Her Being Hailed A Local Hero [video]

Updated February 2, 2017

We all know how dogs are resilient, adaptable, smart, and loyal. That is what makes them such great companions for human beings, after all. But they are also capable of amazing acts of bravery as well.

We just found a story from Spain about an injured stray dog, who manages to take her rescuers on a two mile hike to save her nursing puppies. This video is amazing and and you will love it when you watch the clip.

Ellen Sobry, a veterinarian from Spain, and her friend, Lianne, were attempting to rescue a badly injured stray dog when the animal did something remarkable.

They had discovered the dog, a greyhound with a broken leg and half starved, scavenging for food. They could also tell that the dog, who they named Vera, was lactating and had recently given birth to a litter.

They were able to capture Vera and take her to Sobry’s clinic, where they were able to set her leg and stabilize her condition. And then they had an amazing idea.

Sobry posted this amazing video to her facebook page, saying “After giving her first treatments and stabilizing her broken leg we took her back to where she was found because we saw she was producing milk so somewhere she had puppies.”

Ellen and Lianne returned the dog to where they had found her, and followed her for more than two miles on foot, until the proud mama was able to lead them to her litter.

Behind an an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere, Vera led them right to a derelict car in the back yard. When Ellen and Lianne looked inside the window, they could see ten little puppies, curled up together, waiting for their mama to return.

Sobry wrote on her Facebook account, “10 little lives waiting for their mum. They are safe now.”

Sobry was able to collect all of the puppies and take them back to her clinic to be with their mother in safety.

Since this video was posted, it has driven dog lovers crazy. Animal lovers everywhere have been posting comments to social media, saying things like:

“this is why no one should hurt a dog or any animal. God loves His creation. i am just heartbroken to see in her condition. limping & overly malnourished, but still feeding her pups. i will never forget this video. God bless whoever helps this sweet dog.”- Anne Louissaint

“It makes me sad to know how animals are treated, why are humans so much more important?”- Llama Person

“I love your videos!”- Jeni Parks

“God is great.”- Evelyne Zachary

“Omg it’s like I could see pain of not be able to much in that dog’s face she just wanted her babies to have a good life she is so skinny made me cry, but I’m glad there was a rescue.”- Tynatious Devaughn

“So heartbreaking to watch and hopefully they will find the right people to take of the puppies and the mom dog.”- Irene Santucci

“Poor mama is so skinny, thank goodness she and her babies are rescued. Hope they can all find loving homes!”- Theresa Poulen

Have you ever helped rescue a stray animal? Do you work with or donate to shelters and clinics? Share your stories of doggie love with us here.