Her Husband Didn’t Believe Her. So She Has Him Film What Happens When She Descales Headless Fish

Updated August 30, 2017

It was dinner as usual for Ed Cupp and his family. His wife was cleaning the fish in the kitchen and he was doing some errands around the house in the meantime. But when Ed heard his wife scream from the kitchen, he dropped what he was doing and rushed over to see if she was hurt. When he got there, she was shaken. She only urged him to turn on his video recorder and point it at the fish on the cutting board because she was going to show him something that was about to rock his world. Ed couldn’t believe it. Why was his wife freaking out over their bowfin for dinner? She had cleaned fish all her life and this one was no different. But then Ed jumped. The fish. It was dead. Its head was cut off 40 minutes ago. There was no way. But he couldn’t deny it. The fish moved. And Ed caught it all on camera…

Although the fish had its head removed and its guts were already moved, it was still kicking. When Ed’s wife touches it, the fish moves and this shocks them. They’ve dealt with countless bowfin throughout their lives. Why was this one still alive? Was it a zombie fish?

The video below will stun you. Check it out now.

In the meantime, learn more about bowfin because they’ve been on this earth for a very long time.

According to Wikipedia, bowfin have many names including mudfish, dogfish, mud pike, grinnet and griddle. And they’re descendents from prehistoric times. Bowfin are the only surviving members of the Amiiformes order. And they look as ancient as their fossilized cousins. They’re found living in the waters of the eastern United States as well as southern Quebec and other parts of Canada. Because they’re so common, many professional fishermen refer to bowfin as “trash fish.” But when they’re cleaned, they can be good for fish fare like fishcakes or blackened on the grill.

Unlike most every other fish, bowfin can breathe both in the water and out of it. They usually live in lakes, swamps, and river valleys. They love to eat crawfish, other smaller fish and mollusks. They hunt for their prey at night and use ambush tactics.

As you can imagine, the video below caused quite a stir. Twelve million people have watched the bowfin moving around on the cutting board although its head and guts are gone.

Here were some of the most popular comments shared:

“This fish kept fighting back and never stop. I approve that this fish had warrior spirit and barking ability.”

“For anyone who doesn’t know how this happened and is curious, this is indicating that the fish’s spinal cord is still intact. The spinal cord connects to the brain, in fish, and humans, and most other animals.”

“the animals spirit was still in it.”

What do you make of this video? Why do you think the fish is still moving?

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