Her Wedding Dress Might Looks Strange, But There’s A Very Good Reason Why It Does [video]

Updated November 7, 2016

While the vision of the bride in the white, poofy gown is undoubtedly beautiful and elegant, we all know that it isn’t the most practical thing to get around in. Some women come to their wedding equipped with a second dress that they use for the reception, giving them more freedom to move around and dance. But for those brides who have just one dress for the special day, dealing with the bathroom can always be an unwanted struggle.

So, if you or someone you know is a bride and has been wondering “How am I supposed to use the bathroom in this?”, then you need to learn about the bridal buddy. When you purchase this, the bride doesn’t need to rely on her bridesmaids to hold up parts of the dress so the special lady can sit down.

If you’re a bride and want to spare your best friends of this duty, or if you’re a bridesmaid who doesn’t want to lift your friend’s dress so she can pee, then you’ve got to see what the Bridal Buddy is all about…

With a simple elastic clip, you can flip out a bag that instantly holds the skirt of your dress. This simple item has been shown to be so effective for brides on their special day, that it was recently featured on TODAY.com. It also was a huge hit at bridal shows.

“When they see my model put her arms through the armholes, they just lose it,” Heather Stenlake, inventor of the Bridal Buddy, told TODAY.com in March 2016. “It’s so funny. Their jaws drop and they clap.”

Although Stenlake came up with the ground-breaking idea of the Bridal Buddy about a decade and a half ago, it took her a while to make a prototype. She was working at a Pennsylvania bridal shop when the flash of genius came to her.

Back then, she built a prototype slip but was forced to set it aside in order to raise her family.

“About a year and a half ago, I brought it back out and thought, it’s time,” she said. And was she right or what! Ever since launching the Bridal Buddy, it has been a huge success across the country. Because who doesn’t understand the struggling of having to use the bathroom when you’re wearing a huge gown or dress on your special day?

Stenlake has been busy growing her business and increasing sales since the idea has exploded.

And per her mission, as written on the Bridal Buddy website, she wants “to save the brides of the world from having a horrible bathroom bridal experience, one Bridal Buddy at a time.”

In the short video below, you’ll get a quick introduction to the Bridal Buddy and how it works for your special occasion.

Just put it on like a slip before your gown and pull it up to your waistline. It will bag up your dress. Then slip your hands through the something-blue armholes and you’re ready to use the bathroom.

What do you think of this creative invention? Is it useful for your special day?