Here’s A Tour Of The Tiny Home That Converts Even Those Who Despise Them The Most [video]

Updated March 16, 2017

Although they are only a few hundred square feet at most, tiny homes come in all different shapes and sizes. And one couple really, really wanted one. But they didn’t have the resources or know-how to build it themselves. So what did they do? They outsourced the job to a professional.

Wind River Tiny Homes stepped right in and started putting their vision into the project. Because the company wants all of their tiny home customers to be happy, they listen to each person’s unique desire and then help build it from scratch.

And as you’ll see in the video tour below, The Monocle is one couple’s tiny home dream home. Check it out now!

Although the couple lived in California and Wind River Tiny Homes are stationed out in Tennessee, they took on the project and began bringing it to life.

As you’ll notice in the video tour below, the guys from Wind River politely remove their shoes before stepping into their finished home. And when you see inside, you’ll know why – because it is just so lovely.

With hardwood floors, the place is gorgeous. The kitchen area has a popup table with some custom opening shelving. This offers the homeowners many options when they want to put things away.

The kitchen has a farmhouse sink, which is quite large for such a small kitchen. Plus, it comes with foot pedals, which allow the homeowners to carefully choose how much water they use. For environmental activists and those that care about the world, this is an innovative feature.

The next space the guys from Wind River introduce is the multifunctional space adjacent to the kitchen. It could be a living room or even a bedroom. There is a loft next to this space. As the tour guide explains, “The people who are going to be living in her will use [the multipurpose space] for their bedroom and the loft for storage.”

As you’ll see, the living area has a fireplace inlay. The propane fire heats the home and also has storage space underneath it. Plus, the living area comes with a floating shelf design that helps separate it from the kitchen. It’s the perfect place to put items for display or more functional necessities.

The bookcase near the fireplace doubles as a staircase. It allows the homeowners to climb into the loft.

The loft space can fit a king bed or a lot of storage. The great thing about The Monocle is that it has a lot of flexible use space. It is a customized house designed to fit a couple’s dream.

Halfway through the video, you’ll get a look at the bathroom. The gorgeous space is comfortable and accommodating. It comes with a large soaking tub because the clients really like hot springs and water.

The bathroom has a lot of large windows. It could be a bit revealing for those with privacy concerns. The entire bath is a wet bath which means the floor is meant to get wet. The rain shower falls right to the floor and goes down the drain. Quite special.

What do you think about this creative tiny home? Is this something you could picture yourself in?

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