Here’s How To Grow An Unlimited Supply Of Onions At Home, Even If You Have Very Little Space

Updated June 30, 2017

“I don’t have enough room to grow my own herbs and vegetables.” As a DIY blogger, it is amazing how often I hear this common excuse. While it is true that not everyone has abundant yard or garden space to plant crops and vegetables, everyone can grow something in the space they do have. A compromise might have to be made – like growing basil or other herbs instead of tomatoes, but the fact remains that you can grow something in your kitchen. You just need to know how to begin. Below, I’m going to outline a set of easy instructions to help your grow your own fresh spring onions at home. Not only will you not need to buy them from the store anymore, you’ll have an infinite supply.

To get started with this life hack, you just need to have a large plastic bottle (a 2-liter soda bottle works perfectly), potting soil, scissors and onion bulbs.

When you get this renewable planting project rolling, you’ll be able to enjoy an infinite supply of spring onions anytime of the year. This is well worth the minimal effort to get going and to sustain the supply.

Now cut off the top of the plastic bottle, then make holes around the container using your scissors. Make sure the holes are large enough to fit the onion bulbs through. This may take a bit of trial and error to get it right.

Pour soil into the top of the plastic bottle up to the first row of holes. Then place your onion bulbs into the potting soil. The roots of the bulbs should face inwards.

Pour more soil on top of these bulbs and then add your next row of onion bulbs.

Continue adding soil and bulbs until you’ve filled your entire plastic bottle with the soon-to-be spring onions.

When your bulb tower is good to go, place it somewhere it can get sunlight. Then don’t forget to water it. If the bulbs were ready, you can gather your spring onion harvest in about a week.

To keep your spring onion supply coming, clip the stalks off about an inch from the root and let them grow for another week before taking more for your food. Keep watering them regularly – but do not overwater them or they can drown.

Spring onions are also known as scallions or green onions. These are very young onions that get harvested before the bulb swells. When you’re looking for the best spring onions in your batch, choose stalks that are firm and have bright perky green leaves.

When you’re ready to prepare your scallions or green onions for your meal, wash them and trim off the root. You can add spring onions to many different meals or use them as a fresh garnish on your dinner dishes.

Are you going to try this kitchen hack? Do you buy scallions at the grocery store?

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