Here’s The Grammar Test Experts Claim Only Those With An Above Average IQ Can Ace. Did You Pass It?

Updated July 12, 2016

In the quiz included here, you’ll come across some tricky sentences. We’ll give you a few options and you have to correct them.

Thousands of people are testing themselves to see how they stack up against others. Now it’s your turn!

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In recent years, Common Core has changed the way children learn in schools. As some people have proven, the techniques are actually harder and more useless than traditional teaching methods used in the past.

Last year, two-thirds of the students who took the New York common core English exam failed.

But New York isn’t the only state struggling with English skills.

How well do you think you learned your grammar in school? Now is your chance to quiz yourself and see how you stack up against the masses.

How do you compare to other test takes? Find out now!

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