Here’s The Hobby This Plus-Size Model Is Posting Images Of And People Claim She’s Too ‘Fat’ For

Updated June 20, 2016

It is amazing to hear about people following their dreams and passions, no matter what their life, physical appearance, or financial situation might present to them.

One New York woman named Michelle Mesch, 27, was not sure what she could do after college when she piled on pounds due to her unhealthy eating habits, but found her passion in pole dancing soon after graduating.

Mesch, though she faces criticism online on the daily for her new hobby, is enjoying her pole dancing routine because it makes her feel, “sexy and free”.


Mesch was only 132 pounds in high school due to her extensive involvement in hip hop and jazz dance, but gained weight due to her hectic schedule and lack of healthy cooking skills.  She soon weighed in at 280 pounds.

Mesch described her problem saying, “I had so much school work I didn’t have time to take care of myself”


In August last year, Mesch’s friend invited her to a pole dancing class which she attended, and fell in love with the art.

Since she has started dancing, not only has she become a happier person, but has also lost over 30 pounds!


“My size never stops me” Mesch says.  People may think that dancing with added weight on a pole would be nearly impossible, but Mesch says she has little to no trouble at all.


She has joined and participated in several competitions, and is enjoying the support of her friends, family, and boyfriend Bill McIlrrach despite online criticism.


If you want to learn more about Michelle and her strive to live healthier and her amazing and unusual hobby, you can read more here and let us know what you think of her lifestyle change in the comments below!