Here’s The Horrible Thing She Found In Her Walmart Shopping Cart That Had Her Yelling For Help…

Updated February 8, 2016

A woman shopping at a Bismarck, North Dakota Walmart made a shocking discovery over the weekend when her son noticed a razor blade hidden inside the cart’s handle.

If it wasn’t for her child’s astute observation, Lisa Zimmerman and others could have been injured by the sharp metal object poking out of the cart’s handle. When it was examined more closely, it became obvious that the object was indeed a razor blade.

If Zimmerman had run a sanitizing wipe over the handle she would have sliced her hand wide open. The incident took place Friday night at the Walmart at 2717 Rock Island Place in Bismarck, ND.

When the razor blade was found, Zimmerman immediately alerted the store managers and they responded swiftly.

“They handled it well. They were just as upset about it as I was,” Zimmerman said to Inforum.

A friend of Zimmerman encouraged her to contact the police and the authorities said it was the first report of its kind in the area.

Police pray it was an isolated incident.

“I told the people that I should have told, and then from there I thought it was in their hands,” she said. “Nobody got hurt. Nobody got cut.”

After the incident, Walmart spokesperson Betsy Harden released the following statement:

“We appreciate the customer bringing this to our attention, and we’re relieved that no one was injured. We’re looking into this. We take it very seriously.”


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