Here’s The No-Name Country Singer That Has Even Blake Shelton Freaking Out [video]

Updated March 20, 2017

When the judges on The Voice hear someone they love, they don’t hesitate to hit the button and turn their chairs around. And Casi Joy was that kind of someone. All the life she had the unrealistic dream of becoming a superstar singer. So, when The Voice was holding auditions near her home, she went in…and now she’s singing in front of Blake Shelton.

In the blind audition below, you’ll hear Joy singing Bill Mack’s 1958 song “Blue”. In the mid-90s LeAnne Rimes recorded a cover of it and became a hit. Joy pulls off the yodel as well as the country star herself. But that’s not all. As you listen to Joy’s audition, you’ll be stunned.

No wonder the judges started fighting over her. She’s a real winner…

While her family watches on Casi Joy sings her heart out. And the first person to hit the buzzer? Gwen Stefani – she probably wants to make her beau jealous since his realm is supposed to be country music.

Next comes Alicia Keys. She just can’t help but appreciate how well Joy sings this classic song.

And then, Blake Shelton hits the button. When she nails her third yodel, he has officially fallen in love. Move over Gwen…

Finally, Adam Levine hits it too, joining the crowd because Casi Joy’s talent can’t be ignored.

After her performance finishes at the 1:45-mark, she introduces herself to the judges.

“You’re so unbelievable. It’s everything I love,” Gwen Stefani says. “This show has been so inspiring for me and I’m always going to remember that performance. That was so magical.”

Next Adam Levine tries to sweet talk Casi Joy into joining his team.

“Casi, listen. I would do cartwheels to have you on my team. I would literally try to leap over the moon and back for you. And by the way, the yodeling is the craziest thing I’ve heard. But I’ve been beaten down so many times by hearing a voice like yours, which is clearly rooted in that traditional country thing, so I’m not going to get my hopes up because I am too exhausted.”

Then Adam Levine walks off the stage and goes to a corner. “I just want to be left alone right now!” he shouts. Everyone laughs because he is clearly worried that she will choose Blake Shelton or one of the women.

Then Blake makes a dig at Levine.

“I am not tired. I feel like I’m in my prime.”

Who does Casi choose? But before she does, Adam Levine says, “I’d like to retract some of my previous statements. They were the rantings of a madman.”

Check out her decision at the 5:40-mark.

Here’s what some of the millions of viewers wrote in about the song:

“I want my ringtone to just be her singing “blue” over and over again,” one fan wrote.

“Her voice gives me the chills. Anyone else??” wrote Andrew Yang.

Are you a fan of Casi Joy’s voice?

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