Here’s The One Dish Paula Deen Says Everyone Must Prepare This Thanksgiving Dinner

Updated November 20, 2017

Paula Deen is a cooking legend, so what better time than Thanksgiving to highlight her favorite items and recipes.  When the foodie star is asked what her favorite cooking tool is, she shares her love of her Air Fryer and her Multi Cooker. The Multi Cooker has three different stove-top temperatures that is suitable for a variety of different recipes. Deen loves this tool because you can cook anything in it, from a big pot of chili to the classic holiday meals. In addition, the tool leaves you that extra space in your refrigerator during he holiday season, when your house is packed with family and friends.

As one of Deen’s other favorite tools, the Air Fryer has provided her with lots of extra options as well. Her favorite recipe to make in the fryer is fried chicken. She was surprised by how delicious her fried chicken came out and all you have to do is spritz it with your favorite oil. “You can use any oil,” says Deen. “And it will still come out crispy on the outside and moist and juicy on the inside. And the Air Fryer makes your chicken breast moist and tender, unlike the usual dryness that you witness when taking a bite.

When asked what her secret is to scrambling eggs, Deen doesn’t hold back and admits that her go-to ingredient is Vidalia onions. She fries up the onions with her egg mixture. And here is another little tidbit of advice that Deen offers: she uses water instead of milk when whipping her eggs together. Evidently, water doesn’t create that tough consistency in the way that milk does. She also cooks the eggs on low and mixes in some butter and bacon drippings, giving them that savory flavor. And, instead of turning the eggs over constantly, she opts to put the lid on while they cook, then she turns them over one time. She admits that slower is better in this situation.

While Deen admits that the breast of the chicken in the most dry part and tasteless part of the body, she has a tip to make them tastier. She beats boneless breasts down so that they cook faster and they are spared from drying out too much.

And finally, the answer that we’ve all been waiting for. What is Paula Deen’s favorite Thanksgiving recipe? Without hesitation, she admits that her grandmother’s Southern cornbread dressing is her favorite. She learned the recipe fifty years ago and it’s still at the top of her list. Her most important piece of advice when it come to this recipe is to make sure that the cornbread is nice and eggy and free of sugar. Sweet cornbread should not be used for stuffing, as it should always have a savory flavor. This recipe can be found in her very first cookbook, “Paula Deen and Friends.”

Paula Deen is as busy as ever, with a furniture line, magazine, and possibly a third show in the works. On top of this all, she’s got her sixth grandson due to be born around Thanksgiving. And she couldn’t be happier or more grateful.