Here’s The Photo Causing People To Fight Over Whether It’s Real Or Not. What Do You Think?

Updated March 1, 2017

One woman has internet users in a frenzy and she might not even know it. An image that recently went viral, is causing quite a stir as people are trying hard to figure out if it’s an optical illusion or simply a really flexible woman. The photo is of a woman sitting on a gym bench in workout gear. She is sitting as if she is in between sets and the yawn on her face may be proof of a tough workout that was just completed. But, the highlight of the photo is her feet.

Look closely…

If you see some pretty odd looking feet then you are heading in the right direction. The majority of viewers believe that this is the result of an optical illusion, but some feel that she may just be really flexible with ankles that naturally turn outward. Others feel that the image was digitally altered for the purpose of causing a stir on the internet, while others think that it is caused by the reflection of the mirror. This certainly isn’t the first odd photo to flood the web and have people second-guessing what they are really seeing.

While we can see her right foot clearly, it’s hard to see her loved foot and it’s positioning as it’s partially covered by the workout bench.

She could have been born with something known as hypermobility (double-jointedness), which involves joints that stretch further than normal. People who are born double-jointed, are typically capable of bending their thumbs backwards to their wrists. They also don’t struggle too much with positions that most people do, like putting their leg behind their head or bending their knee joints backwards. It’s not rare for a double-jointed person to have more than one part of the body that is able to do such flexible movements and these people are known for being the center of attention at parties when they do contortionist tricks. While this movements look odd, they can be somewhat beneficial when it comes to activities such as gymnastics and yoga. The reasoning for someone to be born double-jointed is simple…they typically have abnormally shaped ends of one or more bones at the joint’s location. On the downside, it can result in weakened bones, which leads to osteoporosis and fractures.

If you really analyze the image above, it looks as if this gal has really flexible ankle joints that allow her to twist her feet further out than the average person.

Commenters had a variety of reasons for the positioning of her feet…

“She was in a hurry that’s why she wore her shoes the wrong way.”

And others thought that she shouldn’t be exposing her double-jointed body to weight lifting…

“If I were that flexible I wouldn’t be lifting heavy weights. People with connective tissue disorders can wind up with some major, even life-threatening vascular problems.”

Some compared her to a ballerina, which is quite true. Maybe she was a ballerina but turned toward lifting weights instead…

“Most ballerinas can do that easily.”