Here’s The Photo Dad Posted Of Himself Hunting That Has Him Being Abused By Strangers

Updated March 15, 2017

Recently, one father, who is a proud gun owner and hunter, went hunting. After the trip, he posted a picture of himself holding his rifle while he had his infant daughter in a backpack.

What was originally intended to be a joke, has spiraled out of control as people continue to toss insults at hunting company owner and father Travis Zatopek.

As the young father explained after a lot of harassment, he doesn’t usually hunt like that. It was all for a photo. But viewers who are not educated about guns didn’t care. They were outraged nonetheless…

“When it’s dove season, and you have baby duty! Owner of Hacienda, Travis Zatopek, making it happen,” the caption alongside the photo read.

Instantly, angry viewers expressed their outrage. They shared hundreds of comments blasting Zatopek for “child abuse”. Many felt he was irresponsible for putting his baby in danger. But Zatopek fired back with the following:

“As American citizens, we have the right to raise our children utilizing what we, as their parents, feel is right and wrong. We do not apologize for raising our girls around guns and hunting. Educating them young is a huge attribute for their future,” he wrote in a statement that followed the backlash.

“We feel it is important for our girls to experience the great outdoors and wildlife versus video games and elusive Pokemons. This is our choice, and we stand true to our values. I would like to thank the keyboard warriors because, for every one negative comment, five positive comments have evolved. She was briefly placed in it for a photo opportunity and was enjoying it so much that we let her sit that way, while numerous people were watching her. As soon as she dozed off, my wife immediately took her inside.”

After the hunting company owner’s story went viral, many gun lovers applauded him for teaching his infant about firearms at such a young age.

“Down here in the south we refer to it as teaching! It starts at a young age for many of us and your never too young to get started beside what do they want him to do leave the baby at home alone like they would do? Not gonna happen because we care about our kids and most of us don’t rely on society to raise em!” one Newsiosity reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“Great father for sharing values for the outdoors, great idea, we have taken our babies to target shooting outings and they have been in my deer hunts also. My kids, now in their 50’s use guns, never shot anyone, haven’t broken gun laws nor had an unsafe incident. Safety and behavior aren’t accidental, it’s good teaching, good learning, and good behavior,” another added.

No matter how much Zatopek assures his readers, some people still think he put his daughter in danger.

What do you think? Was he right or wrong to snap the photo of his infant while holding a gun?

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