Here’s The Photo That Has A Family Unfairly Under A Microscope By The Easily Offended Left

Updated March 13, 2017

Guns are quite the hot topic these days, as there are two opposing sides to the issue. Those who believe in the right to bear arms (the second amendment right) and those who believe that guns only cause more problems when it comes to crime and safety. This battle between the two sides has been going on for years, but a recent Facebook image caused an uproar from those who are against guns.

MTV reality star Taylor “Lil Bit” Wright, thought she was posting a friendly family photo of her husband and baby on Facebook, but critics instantly took it up a notch when they noticed what was sitting on the nightstand in the background of the photo. It wasn’t a family friend photo or a quirky alarm clock. Instead it was a gun, resting on the nightstand in plain view.

As soon as the gun was sighted in the image, anti-gun protestors joined together and demanded that the father be arrested for poor parenting.

In the photo below, the black object is seen on the night stand behind Wright’s husband and baby…

While Wright, the feisty North Carolina native, wasn’t initially bothered by the criticism, she responded to the madness with the following: “By God I will unload on somebody if they break in and try to hurt me or my family. Someone breaks in, I’m killin’ ’em.”

The gun, which was on safety in the photo that went viral, is used as protection for Wright and her family. She believes there are evil people in the world and she and her husband want to be able to protect themselves from the bad.

According to North Carolina law, it is technically a misdemeanor offense to leave a gun in the open where a child could easily get to it, however; in this case the child in the photo is only a month old so the chances are slim that he would be able to stand up, reach and grab the loaded firearm. He would then need to turn off the safety and move the trigger in order to actually shoot someone. “Gun-grabbers,” or those who are against the right to bear arms don’t have much of a case in this situation as it would be nearly impossible for the baby to activate the weapon.

This reasoning certainly didn’t stop gun control enthusiasts from getting fired up about the firearm though, but most think that they had a political agenda that they were gearing up for.

It seemed as though the majority of commenters agreed that the intense ridicule of Wright and her husband is unjustified in this situation…

“Ridiculous as the baby is a month old and is incapable of jumping up and grabbing the gun.”

Taylor “Lil Bit” Wright is currently living in Tennessee, but she owns a tanning salon and boutique in North Carolina. She also has a lotion that has recently hit the market. Wright was the star of the MTV reality show, Party Down South.