Here’s The Quick And Easy Amish Church Soup Recipe People Are Going Crazy Over

Updated November 2, 2017

Completing a recipe so it is just perfect is such a satisfying thing. Not only do you get to prove that you’re spectacular in the kitchen, you get to see the pleasing sight of a plate cleaned after eating. When someone eats everything on their plate and then goes back for more, you know you’ve done it right. It’s not easy to do. And a lot of people spend their lives mastering recipes so they can wow people with their skills in the kitchen.

This Amish church soup recipe, from, is something you cannot afford to overlook. With just five ingredients, that are super easy to attain, and only one pot required, you’ll be in love. Close your eyes and take a bite and you’ll think you’re in a restaurant. It is truly that good. Because this is such an easy recipe to make, you don’t have to take my word for it. You can just cook this up and taste the deliciousness today. You’ll absolutely love it.

Recipe Lion wrote about this Amish church soup recipe, too. Here is what they had to say:

“This simple soup recipe is one of the best quick and easy Amish recipes you can find. Try this Amish Church Soup for lunch or alongside dinner. It’s perfect for anyone who’s on a budget, too. It calls for only five ingredients! This one-pot recipe is an awesome 30-minute meal that you’ll turn to again and again. It doesn’t get any easier than this.”

Gather the following ingredients to make this one at home – only one pot required!

-1 quarter of preserved beef (this is an Amish staple. You can use leftover roast beef as an alternative)

-4 potatoes or more, chopped and diced

-1 package of noodles

-1 onion, diced

-Salt and cracked pepper, to taste

First cook the noodles, onions, and potatoes together in the pot until they’re done. Then add the beef as your soup base.

Unfortunately, this is the kind of soup you have to make from instinct. Keep your eye on it as it cooks and keep the temperature low as you let the beef flavor saturated into the noodles and potatoes.

Recipe Lion adds: “You can pack it with potatoes and go light on the meat, or vice-versa. There are few rules when it comes to one-kettle soup. Maybe the only rule: ENJOY IT. When I see a pot of one-kettle on the stove, I’ll always think of hose hardscrabble fields outside of Berne, Indiana.”

This soothing, comfort-food soup is a delight that everyone can enjoy. Plus, once you master this particular recipe, you can change it to meet your desires.

Recipe Lion added, “I have so many wonderful memories that I’ll always cherish of visiting Elizabeth Coblentz, the original Amish Cook, and later her daughters. One meal that I’ll always connect with The Amish Cook is a hearty, simple favorite known only as ‘one kettle soup.’ The dish is one of those Amish classics: simple, hearty, friendly fare.”

Give it a shot today and impress your family with dinner!