Here’s The Reason Doctors Told This 57-Year-Old To Continue Playing Guitar On The Operating Table…

Updated January 26, 2016

Because of a neurological disease, a professional guitar player lost his ability to strum a guitar 20-years ago.

But now the talented musician, Mr. Li, has regained his ability to play during brain surgery on Monday.

See the results below!

While on the operating table in a hospital in Shenzhen in southern China, doctors performed deep brain stimulation on the 57-year-old musician.

While doctors operated on his brian, the former professional musician, strummed the famous notes to Beethoven’s Für Elise for the first time in 23 years.

When he was just 34, Mr. Li was forced to give up music and take on another job. Since he couldn’t control his fingers, his ability to write was also negatively affected.

For 20-years, he’s traveled around China visiting different doctors where we has been misdiagnosed with Parkinson’s disease or was told he had psychological problems.

Eventually, Li made it to Dr. Cai Xiaodong who correctly diagnosed him with focal hand disorder (FHD).

FHD causes people to lose control of certain muscles and happens most frequently among musicians and athletes.

While on the operating table, Mr. Li underwent deep brain stimulation and was able to play the guitar again!

Doctors wanted him to play while they played around with his brain tissue.

“The operation was successful and he could play the guitar very smoothly after we found the right place to stimulate,” Dr. Cai said. “His daughter had hoped her father could teach her to play the guitar, and it will be possible after what we saw during surgery.”

Now Mr. Li has regained 80 perfect of his use of his fingers.

Watch the video of another man who played guitar while undergoing brain surgery.

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