Here’s The Scary Disease Experts Are Now Fearing Because It’s Sweeping Across America…

Updated July 15, 2016

With all the bizarre weather transformations America has experienced in recent weeks like the mudslides and mid-May snowstorms, the weather has affected the country’s animal population negatively. But one animal has been having a prolific year. Across Florida, residents have found their yards dug up and torn to shreds because of the creature.

Armadillos are doing a lot more damage to properties in Florida most likely because of the crazy changes in the weather. But besides their erratic behavior armadillos can carry rabies and will eagerly spread it to your pets through their scratch or bite. But besides the fact armadillos are destroying properties and carrying rabies, they’re also prone to carry a much rarer and destructive disease…

Armadillos have been spreading leprosy to humans. While it is difficult for the animal to transmit it, it is still a deadly concern for Floridians.

If people spend a lot of time around armadillos they are at serious risk. The less time you spend around the wild creatures, the less likely you are to catch the skin disease. But your risk is still there.

The recent rise in leprosy cases in America is being linked to animal populations, health officials report.

Watch the health alter in the video below. Florida has had nine confirmed cases of leprosy this season. The health department is confident that the cases are linked to armadillos.

While leprosy isn’t easy to transfer, you need to know what to do to protect your home and your loved ones from this growing threat facing residents in Florida.

Armadillos are attracted to the bugs in your yard. When Florida has heavy rain fall, more bugs are attracted to the grass. There is no way to stop them from coming unless you spray your yard with insecticide that can be harmful to your little ones and pets.

So what do you need to look for if you’re concerned that armadillos are abusing your property?

-Mounds of dirt with a football-sized hole

While armadillos carry a bacteria that transmits leprosy to humans, how safe our Florida’s dogs and cats?

Fortunately, armadillos cannot spread leprosy to dogs or cats. Veterinarian Peter Helmer said, “The bacteria that causes leprosy in people that armadillos carry is not transmitted to dogs or cats so that’s not a problem for dogs or cats at all.”

But while dogs and cats might not face the threat of leprosy, they can still contract rabies from an armadillo bite or scratch.

Health officials warn Florida residents to keep away from armadillos at all costs. And make sure your pets aren’t exposed to the disease-carrying animals either.

“Pets can be bitten or scratched by their claws or teeth. Armadillos can carry rabies as well,” Helmer said.

After you’ve had your armadillos professionally removed from your property, install lava rocks or wire mesh into your plant beds to keep the pesky critters out of your Florida yard.

Have you seen an armadillo before?

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