Here’s The Sign A Marine Put Up In His Yard That Has Liberals Demanding It Be Taken Down Or Else…

Updated February 18, 2016

This Marine has the best yard sign I’ve ever seen. It’s poetic but forceful. To the point, yet well written.

Not only is it completely effective at scaring away troublemakers, it speaks for every Marine and military service person who has had a tour of duty.

Because of Obama’s speech on Sunday, gun sales have been way up. People keep buying guns because of Obama. According to Robert Gehl, guns sales have been “flowing like water.”

But the Marine with this yard sign, doesn’t care what Obama says. He only cares that intruders and troublemakers stay off his property.

This is what his awesome yard sign says:

“This property is protected by a
United States Marine who has a
serious lack of negotiating skills,
but is absolute hell in a gunfight.

If you do not belong here,
Please leave.

You have now been properly
negotiated with.”

Are you a fan of this United States’ hero’s posting? What do you think about using guns on intruders and those who break into homes?


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