Here’s The Terrifying Video Of A Mountain Bike Trail News Stations Have Been Talking About

Updated May 15, 2017

While I was living in Los Angeles, I biked around the city a lot. Because I didn’t have a car, which isn’t as bad as people might tell you, cycling and public transportation was my go-to mode of travel. During one of my bike rides through Griffith Park, I suddenly saw a rattlesnake crawling across the road. It was too late for me to dodge it, so I lifted up my feet and rolled right over it. Lucky for me, I didn’t get bit. And when I looked back the snake was fine and kept on slithering.

The video included at the bottom of this article is much worse than what I experienced with the rattlesnake. You’ll see the moment a mountain biker gets chased by a bear. Imagine that hefty predator breathing down your back as you’re trying to get away with your life. Check out the 30-second clip below.

I can only imagine how much adrenaline must have been pumping through this cyclist’s veins.

The footage was captured on the second mountain biker’s helmet camera. They were enjoying a day out in the woods of Malino Brdo, Slovakia when the bear bounded out of the trees and started chasing the rider out front.

As you’ll see in the clip, after a few moments of pursuit, the bear loses interest and heads back into the trees. Talk about a lucky escape for these mountain bike enthusiasts.

But the bear doesn’t seem to be done. The black bear suddenly reappears and makes Dusan Vinzik, the cyclist behind the pursued shout out a warning. Fortunately neither of these mountain bikers were hurt by the black bear.

In related news, another black bear made a shocking appearance. In Avon, Connecticut, the black bear ran out of the woods to terrorize a local family.

After mom had finished baking brownies, the huge mammal appeared on their property. Everyone ran inside and locked the door, but the bear was not finished. It came up on the deck and began banging on the backdoor looking for a taste of the baked goods.

The rouge black bear continued to seek a taste of mom’s tasty snacks for about 30 minutes. After it realized that no food was to be had, it slinked back into the woods behind the house. Mom was grateful that the bear did not hurt her or her family.

In response to the video below, many Daily Mail readers had some thoughts to share. Here are some of the most popular ones:

“I bet he never knew he could cycle so fast,” wrote C. Jones.

“As they say …you don’t have to be faster than the Bear faster than your mate!!” wrote a reader from Grimbsy.

“Silly bear, the cyclist filming the whole thing was a much easier prey,” wrote another reader.

What do you think about this mountain biking incident? Too close of a call? Would you have been able to keep riding if that was you?

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