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Here’s The Truth Behind The Photo Of Firefighters That’s Being Shared All Over Facebook This Week

This summer has hit one european country extremely hard. Portugal has been fighting a significant forest fire for weeks and it has been catastrophic. We have pictures of the men and women fighting this inferno, and you will be amazed when you find out what they are up against. The raging forest fire currently sweeping through central Portugal started as a result of unseasonably dry conditions and random lightning strikes on June 17. Since then, it has killed at least sixty five people and injured another one hundred and fifty, as well as millions of dollars in property damage and natural resources.

A small army of firefighters and materiel have been struggling heroically to end the blaze. Over sixteen hundred trained firefighters, and another three hundred soldiers have worked around the clock, using more than seven hundred vehicles and eleven aircraft.

The fire spread quickly through the region, giving civilians little to no time to evacuate in some areas.

In these pictures taken by firefighter Pedro Bras, we are shown just how taxed the troops are. He uploaded the images to his Facebook page along with this caption that read:

“After a night and a day of fighting in i.f. de góis, TB we were treated to 25 minutes of beach, albeit concealed by smoke…”

His post has gone viral and received more than six thousand shares. People have been leaving comments, such as:

“They are all Heroes. Every Fireman/woman all over the World.”

“The soldiers that cherish our lives deserve to be remembered as heroes!”- Armando Kunya

“These men are heroes in every rule and not those who run behind a ball and that many unjustly call heroes, even in the media”- Juan Carlos Villalba

“Eternal gratitude for your dedication, delivery, altruism, solidarity, that the sacred beings always follow you.”- Pepe Bernardes

“You are the real heroes of the nation! Brave Warriors! Thank you!” Ana Laranjeira

“Congratulations to the heroes anonymous, who keep doing this beautiful work for the good of humanity… kisses.”- Sol Luz

“All my admiration and respect. The fire department is always fighting fearless and tirelessly. God bless you.”- Madalena Saccon

“These are the true heroes of our country!!! These yes, they should receive millions by day… defend us with their own life… MTO THANKS!”- Sonia Martins

“Courage to all of you. I’m French of Portuguese origin and my husband is a firefighter in the military. It is with great pain and prayers i see your work and what do the general population. A hug and a huge thank you to all the firefighters.” Anne- Sophie Mathieu

“Just congratulate them and wish them all the best, for me they are true heroes.”- Jose Dominguez Piris

“Thank you for the strength and courage! And awareness of compliance pushed too far! Nothing pays… nor erase… all the suffering you experienced and survived! Well done!”- Stella Cordiero

“True Angels used by the power of God. Congratulations to everyone. Much strength and energy possitiva pr all.”- Cleudiane Almeida

Do you know someone who is a firefighter? What are some of the amazing things they have done in service to their community? Please share your thoughts with us here.