Here’s The Video From Inside A Walmart That’s Been Going Viral The Last Few Weeks [watch]

Updated May 8, 2017

When customers at the local Winter Haven, Florida Walmart hit the jackpot, they quickly skedaddled out of there. Because they had been expecting to pay for their products, they couldn’t help but smile when the self-checkout register began spitting out $20s.

While the lucky customers got their hands on some unexpected cash, it had a few strings attached. Now the police have launched a manhunt to find the thieves. Learn more about this crazy incident below…

Authorities claim that the register went “rogue” and began handing out $20s instead of $5 bills when it offered change to customers at the self-checkout line. Because this went on for hours, the Walmart store lost more than $1,000.

Now the police have launched an expensive manhunt paid for by the taxpayer to recoup Walmart’s meager losings. Why? Because they say the few customers knew they had accidentally been given $20s instead of $5s.

Because these “lucky” customers realized the error and decided to game the system, they are wanted by the police.

“Finding this obvious windfall, honest people would immediately alert the sales associate to the error – but not this group,” the police department said in an email. “They all start(ed) lining up to pay for one small item each in order to receive change that should include a $5, knowing they would instead receive a $20 bill. This continued on for, not five minutes or even 10 minutes, but more than 20 minutes.”

Now, the police are hunting down these customers. Instead of letting them have some fun with a few bucks, they want them behind bars.

To get these “criminals,” the police are turning to the public. Because they can’t identify the people who took $20 instead of $5 from the Walmart till, they want you and other members of the public to rat them out. But people are annoyed with the police for doing this.

“Just let them keep the money. Why arrest them for such a small problem,” one Winter Haven resident said.

Others think that Walmart deserves justice.

“It doesn’t matter if it is $20 or $200. Stealing is stealing.”

The incident happened at the local superstore around 12:30 am on April 22 at the 355 Cypress Gardens Blvd. Walmart store.

The first person to realize that the register was akin to a Las Vegas slot machine was a man who scanned two items. Store surveillance tapes show the man walking away before coming back and ringing up another item to get the cash.

“They appear to compare the bills and obviously see that the change was given back was incorrect,” the police added.

In the video below, you’ll see the adult male with profuse tattoos stealing money from the Walmart register. He is just one of many people to enjoy the cash that Walmart accidentally gave him.

“I say ONE for the people….ZERO for Walmart!  Who the hell feels sorry for Walmart?  It’s Walmart’s screw up.  It’s not the customers job to stock the cash dispenser and put 20 bills in the right slot,” wrote one YouTube viewer.

What do you think? Should these people be arrested or should Walmart just take the loss?

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