Here’s The Video Of A Nurse’s Aid With Sick Patient That Everyone Is Talking About On Facebook

Updated March 13, 2017

If you surveyed 100 parents and asked them ‘what would you want your kids to be when they grow up?’ the top two answers would be ‘doctor’ and ‘lawyer’. In the medical field, doctors get all the credit. And not to shortchange the amazing work they do, but without the support staff on their team, hospitals and medical offices would never be able to run smoothly.

Nurses, nurse’s aides, and other health professionals are the unsung heroes of the trade. If you think back to the last time you were admitted to the hospital, you’ll probably remember that you were in contact with a nurse much more often than a doctor.

If you don’t believe that nurses and other hospital staff are amazing, this video is proof. You’ll see Isabelle, who works as a nurse’s aide. In the video clip, she is caught trying to make a dying woman’s last hours of life better.

Because Isabelle cares about every patient who walks through the doors, the learned that this was Grandma Helen. Because Helen had been with Isabelle before, when she heard that she was dying, Isabelle came in on her day off just to visit with the lovely old woman. And sing to her…

In the video, you’ll hear Isabelle’s amazing voice. Simon Cowell should take a listen to her. She has a voice of an angel and a heart of gold.

The patient’s son, Jeremiah, caught the heartwarming moment on video. If you have a heart, you’ll need a tissue when you click play because this beautiful moment is going to make you tear up.

Jeremiah wrote, “The daily compassion of unknown numbers of good health care workers goes unnoticed by many. Thank you for the gifts you share and the love for patients you bestow. Thank you Isabelle for being a comforting voice in our family. Best wishes to you and the staff at Life Care in Seneca KS. Rest in Peace Grandma Helen. We love you.”

Just a few days after the video was taken, Grandma Helen passed away. Here at AWM, we pray that Grandma Helen may rest in peace. And we praise Isabelle for going above and beyond the call of duty. She and the countless other medical professionals out there deserve extra praise every day. But this video is well-worth watching, don’t you think?

Jeremiah is not monetizing the video. Without the extra effort hundreds of thousands of people have already viewed this amazing clip. And some have left comments including:

“I hope that nurse get extra pay, that is very beautiful. A lot of love,” wrote Peter Stovanje.

“Wow! What a beautiful thing to do, and what a beautiful voice, the voice of an angel,” linedancer wrote.

Do you know someone who is amazing? Do you have experience working in a hospital or with patients?

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