Here’s Video Of The Cake Going Viral On Facebook That’s Been Freaking People Out

Updated October 17, 2017

If you’ve been on the internet at all lately, you may have noticed a bit of an obsession over pimple popping.

As disgusting as it is, many people are oddly satisfied by watching videos of massive pimples being squeezed and freed of their oozy contents. Strange, but true.

To capitalize on the weird mania surrounding this latest obsession, one baker took it upon themselves to recreate the satisfaction of pimple popping with an acne cake. There aren’t just red pimples here, there are oozy pus-filled spots for party guests to squeeze.

The Malaysian company The Cakescape created the cake idea, which is a woman’s face with spots that resemble ready-to-squeeze zits. Just place a finger on either size of a cake pimple and give it squeeze. Out pops a gross blob of oozy cake.


The Cakescape isn’t the only one to jump on the pimple popping craze – California bakers Blessed by Baking offer goopy filled pimple cupcakes, filled with yellow “puss” custard. It’s every bit as nauseating as you would imagine.

A video showing off the cupcake concept in action included this description: “How can something so pus-like taste so good?!?!”

Those wanting to recreate the gross-out concept can check out the Pimple Popper Cupcake Tutorial on Instagram, which explains the items you’ll need: cupcake, frosting, pudding, white fondant, brown icing color, toothpick, red luster dust, paint brush, small circle cutter, and a large circular cutter.

The video explains to use a toothpick to add a small amount of brown icing color to the fondant, then mix well. Roll the fondant 1/8 inch thick and cut it with a large circular cutter. Using a small circular cutter, cut a circle in the center of the fondant.

In part two of the tutorial, you learn to paint the red luster dust on the inner edges of the small circle, lightly dusting outwards to create that irritated pimple look. Next, frost the cupcake in a circular motion, building upward, leaving a small amount of room around the edge of the cake. You’ll also need to leave an empty well in the center of the frosting. Next fill the well with pudding and place the flesh colored fondant circle on top of the cupcake, lining up the pudding center with the small hole in the fondant. It’s all ready for squeezing!

People weighed in with comments on the Cheddar Facebook post about the pimple cake, with remarks such as: “Why are people so into this crap? NOOOOO,” “Wtf is wrong with people,” and “I am disgusted… but I can’t stop watching”

Some found it gross in more ways than one, with one commenter noting: “So your hands are all over the cake then you’re suppose to eat it after everyone has put their hands on it? Or you cut around the zits and pop it on your plate. Either way… gross! Kinda makes fun of kids with bad acne.”

Another person agreed, writing: “This is very sick, who wants to eat a cake when fingers have been all over it.”