Here’s What It Looks Like Inside One Of The Most Highly Guarded Places In America (video)

Updated July 5, 2017

Up until the 1980’s generations of American school children were taught that “duck and cover” would somehow protect them from the worst effects of a nuclear blast. While that is about as effective as offering aspirin to someone who has contracted rabies, it turns out that our government had a much better plan to save itself. Surprised? Well, you are going to be fascinated when you watch this video.

Garrett Graff has written a new book about the United States federal government’s plan to save its own rear end if it ever failed to prevent a nuclear war.

His book “Raven Rock: The US Government’s Secret Plan To Save itself While The Rest of Us Die” tells the story of cold warriors proclaiming to the world a policy of “better dead than red,” while creating mammoth infrastructures to keep them safe and sound.

Just like the infamous scene in “Dr. Strangelove” where the policy makers and soldiers begin to calculate exactly how large a ratio of women of breeding age to grumpy old men would be needed to repopulate the US, real life politicians funded and oversaw the creation of gigantic bunkers in places like Raven Rock in Pennsylvania, and Mount Weather in West Virginia.

How big are these bunkers?

Imagine a city of seven thousand people, mostly government workers, mostly elected officials and their families, plus enough soldiers, doctors, engineers, scientists, and servants to keep them alive for up to two years.

Buried deep inside mountains across this country are more than one hundred city sized bunkers that can produce their own food and air, process water from waste products, and even provide a measure of comfort with amenities like driving ranges.

According to Graff “The government built more than a hundred of these bunkers and relocation facilities around the country. The plan is to get a small number of government officials into the bunkers.”

However, there are some folks who may randomly wind up being saved as well. Turns out, the Cheyenne Mountain bunker in Colorado actually has a Subway restaurant, which means, if you happen to be the minimum wage “sandwich artist” on duty when the end comes, you win the lottery!

But, also, you’ll lose because everything you love and care about in the outside world will be destroyed in a fiery cataclysm. And also, when the scientists and politicians decide it might be safe to go outside again, you will be the first one to test their theory.

The evacuation plans include a so-called “Guest List” of Cabinet leaders, Supreme Court Justices, Congressional leaders, NSA staff, and top aides and staffers to the chief executive. Many important artifacts would be saved as well, including the Constitution, which would be rendered meaningless, The Declaration of Independence, which would be superfluous, and the Liberty Bell, because it is a big hunk of metal.

Mount Weather looks like many government facilities with a barbed wire perimeter and acres and acres of green forest, but buried behind a twenty five ton steel blast door is a dormitory that can house four hundred of our best and brightest, and by that we mean congresspeople, for up to sixty days.

And if you thought that these bunkers, and the plans that enabled them, are some arcane historical footnote, Mount Weather has been used in a real life incident already. “Undisclosed location” became the buzzword for our leaders on September 11, 2001. Turns out, it was in a mountain bunker in West Virginia.

Are you on the list? What are your plans if the world ever winds up like a Roland Emmerich film? Share your thoughts and stories with us here.