Here’s What Obama’s Daughter Was Caught Doing That Has The Rumors Starting To Spread

Updated October 7, 2016

When most kids turn 18, they become an adult, free of their parents rules and restrictions. They are welcomed to shed their past lives as a child and do exactly what they want, when they want. It’s a bit different when your the president’s daughter. Malia Obama, may never be out of the public’s eye and she may never be able to let loose without the wrath of judgement passed onto her.

Last Friday, the president’s oldest daughter, 18-year-old Malia, was seen bumping and grinding with some fellow scantily-clad friends at the annual Lollapalooza music fest in Chicago. In a belly-baring top, Malia got down to the rap music of Bryson Tiller. This wasn’t the gals first time at the event, as she was spotted enjoying the music back in 2014, as well.

The twerking teen didn’t seem to be camera shy though, as she happily posed for a few photos in full dance-mode.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 11.15.47 AM

She pushed the edge just enough, being careful not to taint her family’s image and her Secret Service detail was by her side every minute, making her stand out even more than she already did.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 11.44.07 AM

Obama’s oldest is also a big fan of DJ Cashmere Cat, a Norwegian musician who took the stage on Thursday evening. For once, Malia wasn’t required to be at the Democratic National Convention where Hillary Clinton was getting ready to present herself and accept her party’s selection for president. History was being made on both ends, as Clinton was making a stand and Malia was, for maybe the first time, gaining a little piece of independence.

The well-deserved moment in history was long overdue for the recent high school graduate, who indulged in her moment away from the political scene that was going on in Philadelphia.

Malia may love music and showing off her moves, but she is a family girl at heart. Having been accepted to Harvard University, she has decided to push back her start date by a year while she takes a gap year as the Obama’s make the move out of the White House. The transition may be challenging but the family is prepared to move back to the public life.

President Obama recently reflected on the growth of his two daughters as he expressed the joy and sadness he felt when he watched his oldest graduate high school. During a speech he gave at the United States of Women Summit, Obama admitted that he wore dark glasses and cried once during the graduation ceremony.

Michelle also looked back on those first days in the White House. She shared the fears that she had of moving her little girls into the biggest seat in politics, surrounded by Secret Service agents as they went to their first day of school. The Obamas had to face the challenges with not only raising two daughters, but raising them in the public eye, amongst scrutiny and assumptions.

Instead of going back to their Chicago home, the family will be staying in Washington DC, at least until their youngest daughter, Sasha, graduates high school.