Here’s What This Mom Did In The Middle Of Her Own Wedding Ceremony To Get Her Baby To Stop Crying…

Updated June 30, 2016

Mothers understand that their babies cry at inopportune moments. They aren’t living on your schedule. But the sure don’t care that you have to change your life to life on theirs. They are always in need of attention and don’t know any better than to ask for it right when they feel like it.

Just recently, one bride was marrying the man of her dreams. But then her 9-month-old baby started crying right during the wedding ceremony. She couldn’t keep pushing forward with a good conscious, so mom/bride did the only thing she knew would quiet up the infant so they could get the show on the road.

She pulled down her dress and started breastfeeding the baby at the alter

Bride Christina Torino-Benton knew instantly that her 9-month-old girl Gemma was hungry when she started crying during her mother’s wedding ceremony. The baby didn’t care that it was her mom’s special day. She was hungry!

So Christina did the only thing she could to calm the baby down. She breastfed her while she got married. And loved it…

Although it was unconventional and made some family members in the audience very uncomfortable, the proud mother pulled down the front of her dress and put her baby’s mouth to her breast.


“I made it work… I had to! Danny has always been so incredibly supportive on this breastfeeding journey, so he just nodded in agreement.” Torino-Benton said of the moment she fed baby Gemma during the ceremony.


The wedding photographer, Lana Nimmons, wasn’t about to miss the viral moment. She made sure to capture lots of pictures of the bride breastfeeding her baby right in front of the priest…

“Christina’s mother passed her the baby and Christina and Danny smiled at each other. Without hesitation, Christina fed her baby. No one was surprised, not even the priest. Christina has always fed her baby when needed, and at one point or another we have all seen her feed Gemma,” Nimmons said.

After the wedding ceremony was done, Christina got on her phone and shared the image with the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page. They loved it and the image went viral.

“I’m feeling nothing but positive vibes from the public response,” mom said.

“It took me a while to become comfortable with nursing out in the open, but now it’s completely second nature and I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Christina explained.

Many people were proud that this bride did what she had to to be a good mother to her baby daughter.

“Good for her! I nurse both my babies and never regretted it. I did throw a blanket over us, I was just was not that brave or bold enough!” Ronda Ronni Weidman Fraser wrote.

Are you shocked that the bride would drop her dress during the wedding to breast feed her baby? Or was this a potent act of feminism she should be proud of?

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