He’s Nervous But Does It Anyway, Proclaims Love For Jesus On Stage. Then A Miracle Occurs

Updated December 20, 2016

Getting a shot at the big leagues often only comes once in a lifetime. When the opportunity arrives, you have to strike and go for the jugular. If not, it could go to someone else willing to fight harder or more fiercely than you.

Often though when people seek fame and fortune, they forgo their religious and spiritual values. They essentially make a deal with the devil to move up in the world and be successful.

Not Sundance Head. He has chosen to make his mark on the world as a believer in Christ and as a musician. And he is not doing it quietly, Sundance Head took the stage and proudly proclaimed his beliefs without fear of rejection from the secular audience.

Most people hide their faith for fear of “offending” someone out there. But this Texas-based musician knows that his faith in Jesus is what makes him strong and powerful – so he let it shine for all to see.

Check out his radiant performance below now!

Sundance Head has been on many people’s radar for a while now. He made it to the top 13 on American Idol and secured a recording deal and has made two albums. Obviously, this performer has a fan base.

Given that he has already achieve so much success in music, you probably think it would be silly for him to audition for The Voice. We all know he can sing, so why not just go make music?

But now this musician is in the top 10. See why when you check out his God-loving performance below.

While most performers keep away from Christian music on the program, Sundance Head has turned the tables on that standard. Instead he decided to sing the famous song by Tom T. Hall named “Me and Jesus”, proclaiming his love for Christ just in time for Christmas.

When you hear this man sing, you’ll know that he has been blessed by a higher power.

Listen to the lyrics and you’ll discover a tale about a past life filled with trials and desperation. But Jesus helped the songwriter through it all.

Sundance Head knows Christianity to be the truth. Faith in Jesus can help anyone get through the toughest of times. One prayer can change everything.

Almost a million fans have tuned in to watch Sundance Head sing this amazing song. Here’s what some fans wrote in the comments on the video:

“That performance was extraordinary! The bluegrass atmosphere on that stage reminded me of the foothills in Kentucky. When Sundance and the band reached the upbeat part at the end, I began clapping and stomping my feet. That was “hillbilly style”. Sundance and the band (loved the guitar action) were spot-on, and that was real entertainment!”

“this was a performance, this is a true country singer.  I wont be surprised if he wins”

“this is my new favorite song right now. gave me the spirit all up in the laundromat”

“Sundance is one of my favorites this season coming from not so Country guy. But his performance are always fun and yet powerful.”

Watch him blow away the judges and the audience with this special performance!

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