His Family Heirloom Was Rusted And Ruined. Then A Friend Shows THIS Trick To Make It Look Brand New

Updated June 7, 2016

There are many ways to restore and redo old and damaged furniture, which can be a priceless venture because of how much more the old furniture will be worth once it is restored, and how beautiful it will be.

There are many ways to restore things like couches, chairs, and tables, but have you ever heard of a fireplace being restored?

If you have it has probably been an extremely expensive fireplace that underwent an extremely expensive operation to have it redone.  Some fireplaces can cost as much as a small family car!

Turns out there are much better ways to have your fireplace redone, and they are much faster and more efficient.

So what do you do if your fireplace is absolutely covered in rust but you want to bring it back to its formal glory?

Well there are a few things that you can do.  You can either sand all the rust off, pay somebody to sand all the rust off, or use this amazing laser that vaporizes rust instantly.

That’s right, there is a laser that exists that is able to essentially disintegrate rust just by touching it.

The laser itself is actually extremely interesting.  If you are into lasers and powerful light beams, you will love this machine.

It is an out of the world laser diode that boasts an unfathomably intense 1,000 watt beam with a maximum output power of more than 800 kW per pulse.

That is enough energy to power a car.

Though the laser may seem like a dangerous killing machine, it is actually a gentle giant and can serve as a great way to repair bronze, metal, and other materials that have decayed over time.

Many companies use harsh chemicals and hours of labor to wash and clean statues, however this laser can do it in a fraction of the time with less cost.

The laser produces no harmful chemicals or unwanted byproducts besides consuming electricity, and is virtually unmatched in the detail it can provide on a job.

The laser is able to produce micro plasma bursts along with shock waves and thermal pressure to attack any material it needs to remove, and gets rid of it with ease.

One of the best parts for the workers doing the restoration is the fact that they do not need to pick up after they are done with the job because the laser is used next to a fume extractor, which works with the laser at the same time to catch any dust, debris, or unwanted vapor from the material that would otherwise float away or fall to the ground in a dust form.

If there were a point and shoot version of industrial cleaning, this would be it.

The video showing the cleaning process of an antique fireplace is absolutely stunning to watch, so if you want to see this laser in action and see what it can really do, check out the video below and let us know if you have seen anything like this before in the comments below!