His Gesture Doesn’t Seem Like Much, But His Simple Act Of Kindness Has Strangers Smiling

Updated April 20, 2017

If you’re like me, when the sun first starts coming out in the spring you want to abandon your responsibilities and get out and enjoy it. I can’t be alone on this one – everyone at the office is always talking about doing it, but few actually have the gall to make it happen.

But in the video below, one guy decided to skirt his responsibilities for the day. And as he runs amok on the road, he decides to put on his camera phone and start recording the day. With the music blasting, this guy’s in-car performance will make you want to groove along with him.

When the video starts, you’ll see the man driving along the streets of Los Angeles, which are backed up to kingdom come, and begins belting “Build Me Up Buttercup.” If you’re a fan of that marvelous tune, you’ve got to check out this epic ride along & sing along. Check it out now!

The video, which is uploaded by singer and filmmaker, TJ Smith has gotten more than 13 million views already. I’m not sure if the great singing performance is what has attracted so many views or watching the drivers in Los Angeles enjoying the music and smiling along with Smith as he rocks out on the highway.

As you watch the clip, you’ll discover the love and comradery that is common in Los Angeles. Although Smith is a stranger to all the other people stuck in traffic in the other cars, they join the fun and sing along with him to the classic tune. I doubt that would happen on any normal day on the streets of New York City, but I could be proven wrong.

Out of the millions who have watched this video, thousands have shared comments. Here are some of the most popular ones.

“That guy in the minivan was the best. I honestly don’t think anybody else knew the song,” shared Ryan S.

Bobandy wrote, “This song got stuck in my head for almost a week once, if there is a hell that is it.”

Jessica Schultz admitted, “This.. This is the kind of stuff that makes me love us humans.”

“This is on a highway, the driver’s wheel is secure, he is literally driving in a straight line as do the others with no threat in sight anywhere. Why do you have to bang on about responsibility? This guy is lighting up the day of hundreds of people going to their mundane miserable jobs.”

Laurie Vermillion loves this video and what it means for mankind: “You are so adorable & awesome!  I LOVE it when strangers connect like this!!! Be safe out there!”

“This is the video that got me hooked on this song! I gotta do this sometime!”

TJ Smith has responded with updates and other remarks including:

“Hey everyone! So glad you like these videos!”

Are you a fan of this “Build Me Up Buttercup” sing along? What’s your favorite song to sing on the highway?

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