His Method To Cleaning Mirrors Might Seem Odd, But Shows Video Proof Just How Well It Works

Updated February 28, 2017

Even if you’re single or married without kids, keeping the house clean is a challenge. And if you’ve got little ones running around or grandkids who visit frequently, then it is almost impossible to keep your place pristine.

While some people say that find pleasure in cleaning, I ardently believe that they get the pleasure from seeing their kitchen or bathroom cleaned. The act itself is not always fun but the finished product is surely rewarding.

That’s why even though I’m not very good at it, I get down to business and clean my home every week. After although I got to force myself to get off the couch and do it, when I’m done, I always feel proud.

But that doesn’t mean, I don’t like to search for shortcuts – you know life hacks to get the job done faster and better…

And today, I want to share one with you that helps in the bathroom. The video comes from Portland, Oregon’s Household Hacker, who has decided to compile a video using white vinegar to clean his bathroom. Check it out!

For those into natural cleaning methods, this first tip will help you get sparkling clear mirrors without hurting Mother Nature. Brew some black tea. You’ll need a very strong batch, so use three tea bags per 8 ounces of water. Transfer the tea into a spray bottle. Then apply a thin coat of black tea to your bathroom mirror and use crumbled up newspaper to wipe it clean. The difference is clear.

Scrubbing the shower sucks. But it has to be done. Fill a dish wand with half white vinegar and half dish soap. This is going to help you break down soap scum and nasty grime easier than you believe possible. Now you can even clean while showering.

Want to remove the hardwater stains on your fixtures? All you need is a lemon. Rub a piece against the fixture to allow the natural acid to break down the hardwater deposits. Plus, it is nice on your hands.

Your toothbrush or soap holder is probably looking nasty. Just toss it in your dishwasher with the next load. And BAM! It’ll be clean.

Next time you clean your toilet, try using white vinegar. Open up the tank and dump a whole lot of it inside. It kills bacteria and more. With a vinegar spray, clean the rim of the toilet and the bowl itself. If you want a great clean, stuff vinegar-soaked toilet up into the underside rim.

Your toilet brush needs to be cleaned next. Instead of throwing it out and buying a new one, just pour some all-purpose cleaner (like Pine Sol or bleach) at the bottom of the holder. Just top it off every so often to keep your toilet brush sparkling clean.

These tips can really make a difference when cleaning your bathroom.

But for those of you who watch the video all the way to the end, Household Hacker has a BONUS tip to help you clean your dryer. Check it out!

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