His Steak Cooking Method Is The Strangest I’ve Seen, But It Comes Out Perfect Every Time

Updated June 16, 2017

If you’re like me, steak is your favorite meal. Every time you see it on the menu at a restaurant, you want to order it. I don’t care if it is the most expensive thing for sale at the establishment, I work hard for my money and I want steak. But getting steak at a restaurant is not as satisfying as making a delicious one yourself. And in the video recipe below from Germany-based Cook With Meat, a YouTube channel, you’ll discover a decadent way to devour the beer cooler steak. Yes, this recipe will help you enjoy the perfectly cooked steak – every time. Just follow along for a genius recipe you’re going to want to try.

Steak doesn’t have to be cooked on a grill to be delicious. As you’ll see in this version of the recipe, German chefs figured out a way to cook it in a vacuum sealed bag.

They first open up a bag of steak. Next they put the meat in a plastic zipper bag with a hefty portion of butter slapped right on top. Then, they vacuum seal the bag. But they show you a secret way to do it – that doesn’t require an expensive machine or kitchen gadget. You only need a straw and a pair of lungs.

How to vacuum seal a Ziploc bag: Almost close the bag all the way. Then slip the straw into the opening. Next, suck out all the air. When all the air is gone, close the sea the remainder of the way.

Now that your steak is vacuumed sealed, it’s time for the next stage of process. Grab your beer cooler and fill it with warm water. Add some hot water to get the desired temperature which is about 125°F.

Drop your vacuum sealed steak into the cooler. Then close the lid and let it cook for 50 minutes.

Remove the steak and you’ll notice that it has changed. The butter has melted and the slab of meat is now covered in a delicious layer of butter. Plus, the fat has rendered some.

Pat the meat dry. Then season it with sea salt.

Preheat your skillet and then sear each side for 50 seconds.

Coat your steak with black pepper – fresh cracked please. After that your perfect steak is ready to serve. Just slice it for a perfect medium doneness.

What do other people think about this steak cooking method? Here are some thoughts shared on the popular YouTube video:

“Wow, perfect Steak a la Sous Vide”

“Or u could throw it straight on the grill from the start, f*** the pan… and if u can get water that hot I’m sure u could cook food. I came here expecting a real life hack”

“Life hack? More like a life headache!”

“Great idea, it will be tested. All thumbs up,” wrote an excited Leif Wittner.

Will you try cooking your steak in a beer cooler next time? Do you think this is worth the effort?

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