His Town Denied His Plans To Build His Own Garage, Gets Revenge In Best Way Possible [video]

Updated May 17, 2017

Because Eric Vekeman is an honorable citizen, he approached his local council in Belgium about building the garage he had always dream of. He told them about his plan and how it would not interfere with the sidewalk space outside his home. He showed them drawings and mockups and told them with passion how he would complete the project in weeks.

All he needed was their approval and a permit.

They looked at Vekeman’s schematics and laughed at him. Then they denied him the permit he needed to get his dream garage. But Vekeman was not ready to let the idea go. As he walked home from the failed meeting, a great idea popped into his mind…

Because Vekeman had retired, he was eager to transform his old grocery store into a garage. But the city council refused him because they wanted to “protect the townscape.”

However, Vekeman is a very stubborn and creative man. He refused to take no for an answer and worked to devise an alternative solution to get the garage he wanted.

Although the garage door he built is not easy to open and close, it takes Vekeman about 2 minutes to complete it. But because the whole garage project is an act of rebellion toward the city council, he doesn’t care. He is just glad to told the local politicians to stuff it and he got what he wanted.

But Vekeman is an elderly gentleman. Because of that, he is putting his creativity to good use again. Now he is working to devise a way to automate the entire garage opening process.

We are confident that this rebel will make his dream come true very soon. “That will be my next project. I dream to automate my gate,” he told the Belgiium news source.

In that same interview, Vekeman said: “When it ended, I wanted to convert the space into a garage with automatic garage door.”

But the council refused his wishes.

“So I cannot change my home.”

But as Vekeman said, “I’m a hobbyist.” He put his DIY skills to good use making this garage despite being told not to.

The process to open the garage is quite easy. Vekeman removes the red bench in front of the large window. Then he goes inside and opens the window – which slides to the side on huge hinges. Next, he pulls up pully in the center of the brick and concrete slab. He then drags the piece of wall inside the house to make way for the BMW in the garage.

When the wall is moved away, he places two ramps on the edge of the garage. Then he drives the car outside and parks it on the street nearby.

Next, he has to close the wall and window. He pushes it across the tile floor and shuts it all up. Then he can go for a drive like he wanted from the beginning.

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