Home Dolly Parton Lived In For 16 Years Is For Sale, Photos Prove How Modest She Really Is (5 Images)

Updated July 12, 2017

We always love to get a look inside the lives of the rich and famous. To be able to peek behind the curtain and see how those with a lot of money live, is not only fun to do, but allows us to dream bigger. We always want more for ourselves and our families. But when it comes to country music legend, Dolly Parton, her abundant wealth is in another stratosphere. Not only does she make money from her country music and her television movies on NBC, she also receives a paycheck from her popular amusement park, Dollywood. However, this rich country star does not stray far from her east Tennessee roots or her Christian faith. When wildfires were ravaging her home state, she offered money to any families displaced. But now as you’ll see below, Dolly Parton is selling her home of 16-years.

Check out the video below to see her beautiful, modest home yourself!

If you’re a fan of Dolly Parton, you probably know that she grew up in a tiny house in east Tennessee. From the start, she was destined to be a star. No one could stop her from reaching the top.

In between her modest upbringing and her huge stardom of today, Dolly Parton and her husband Carl Dean lived in the house up for sale now. From 1980 to 1996, Dolly Parton and her faithful and devoted husband called this place their home.

The house, which is now up for sale, currently operates as an AirBnb. That means you can rent the very place Dolly Parton lived in for sixteen years with her beloved husband. Although it has been transformed over the last twenty years, it still retains the same 5,000 square foot space that Parton and her husband lived in for years.

Nestled in the cozy gated community that remains south of Nashville to this day, the home boasts many of the feature that Dolly herself had picked.

Built back in 1941, the home has four bedrooms, three bathrooms and sits on a beautiful 2.4 acre lot. Just scroll through the pictures, and you’ll quickly realize what attracted Dolly to this home back in 1980.

The home has what appears to be an in-law apartment in the attic space. There is a separate entrance, which allows guests to come and go without disturbing the home’s primary residents. The detached building that looks like a barn must have been one of Dolly’s favorite features as it could have reminded her of the rural living she did as a kid in east Tennessee.

The sellers of Dolly Parton’s former residence are asking $1.2 million. While the price is quite high, someone would be willing to pay for the history and for the fact that Parton herself had walked the halls and slept in the rooms. But the price is very steep compared to everything else in the area.

The median price of homes in the Nashville area is only $229,900. While this home might be a deal for a die-hard Dolly Parton fan, an average family might want to look for something that has a better price point.

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