Homeless 80-Year-Old Slowly Approaches Piano, Onlookers Soon Realize She’s A Musical Genius

Updated September 25, 2017

When an 80-year-old woman sat down at a public piano on the streets of Australia, she put her fingers to the white and black keys and performed a magical piece that will blow you away. And according to her son, Matthew Trayling, Natalie Trayling, 80, is “arguably the best ‘unknown’ composer in the world today.” When you watch the clip, you’ll agree with Trayling’s description. Because Natalie, although she is a 80-years-old and ‘undiscovered’, has a talent and gift for music that cannot be denied. Her breathtaking pefromance was captured and uploaded to YouTube – thousands and thousands quickly started watching and sharing it with their family and friends. Now it’s your turn to hear Natalie Traying perform her composition.

Because Matthew is tired of being the only one who knows how talented his elderly mother is, he has created a YouTube channel to help promote her sounds.

“As you go through his uploads it is quite obvious that Natalie is gaining world wide recognition not just as a street performer, but as a ‘profound musical genius,’ a description she rightly deserves, and to add… is agreed with my many,” his YouTube channel reads.

Natalie has dedicated years of her life to performing music on the streets of Melbourne, Australia. But despite her incessant dedication to music, she has not gotten recognition from the world like she had dreamed.

Every chance she gets, she plays. Whether she finds the piano in a store, at a hotel, or her own piano when she scrounges up enough money to afford one, Natalie Trayling sits down at the 88 keys and pounds away her beautiful sounds.

Although she is a gifted musician, Natalie has dealt with horrible tragedy in her life. Now in her 80s, she had to live through the death of two of her daughters. She also battled homelessness and bad health.

But her music still retains the sweetness of life. However it also contains a sadness that cannot be denied. Natalie has gone through a lot in her time on the planet. Even when she was in the hospital for treatment, she would use their public piano to liven up the place.

“Music is everything,” she said in an ABC News special. “I do feel part of it. The whole world is music.”

Only after her son shared her music online, did Natalie get the fame she deserved. She has been elevated to the heights of an internet sensation. And her video now has 7 million views on YouTube alone.

“It’s her and the piano becoming one,” Mathew told Daily Mail. “It is a remarkable story. The music is the story.”

Natalie is a classically trained pianist and is playing a piece she composed decades ago when she was just a teenager.

On her 80th birthday, her video reached 1 million views.

“This is not just phenomenal… it’s rightly earned by her,” Mathew writes in the video’s description. “The world is listening, and not just listening to an old lady playing piano on the street, but listening to a musical genius. Happy birthday my dear mother. The world is now listening and so are your two only daughters (Jo-Anne and Kerin) listening from heaven.”