Homeless Man Is Ambushed For Makeover, Leads To Unfathomable Transformation [video]

Updated May 1, 2017

We all know how much a makeover can really change someone’s appearance, but this has to be the most dramatic transformation ever.

A Spanish man named José Antonio was homeless and living on the streets, but soon found himself in a salon chair getting the makeover of a lifetime.

To say that it completely changed the man is an understatement.

The 55-year-old hadn’t had a permanent home for 25 years and made money for food and clothing by doing odd jobs. He was working as an unlicensed parking attendant in a city square.

While people in the area came to know him over the years, an owner at the La Salvajeria salon wanted to give him a free makeover to celebrate the salon’s anniversary.

The video of Antonio’s stunning makeover quickly went viral, as viewers were taken along every step of the way. With a refreshed look, that included drastically cutting his long hair, trimming his beard, and dying the white locks dark brown, Antonio looked years younger. The look was completed with a new wardrobe.

Antonio’s reaction to seeing himself with the new look for the first time? “Oh my god! I don’t recognize myself!,” he said through tears, adding, “It’s really me!”

When asked if he was excited, Antonio responded: “A little. The truth is yes, I am…What a difference, my god. And no one will recognize me!”

After commenting about how no one will know it’s him, he added, “This has changed me, totally! It’s not me.” He then set off to the street, where he totally turned some heads!

While Antonio had found himself down and out after working as an electrician and then suffering from depression that made him unable to keep a stable job, the makeover gave him a new outlook on life. Since the makeover in 2015, Antonio reportedly is no longer homeless.

Commenters on the YouTube video loved this story, with notes such as: “He’s so handsome I hope he’s doing better God bless him” and “That so Cool.”

Not everyone was so impressed by the kind gesture, however, with one person noting: “So now he is a good looking homeless man. This is stupid. It’s the Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish. He will feed himself for the rest of his life syndrome. What he needs is a job.”

One person responded that the makeover could certainly help the man immensely, writing: “He will get a job far easier looking like this than like that, and I am sure this is immeasurable motivation for him, especially considering that the reason he ended up homeless wasn’t because he is physically incapable, rather he had psychological issues pertaining to depression, and the lack of motivation to make something better for yourself it causes is the most dangerous.”

Another put it simply with this comment: “Some people need to work on their self-esteem first, what’s wrong with a taking small positive step in your journey of life?”