Homeowner Is Lucky To Be Alive After She Goes To Freshen Up Room She Hasn’t Touched In Months

Updated May 16, 2017

A woman always kept her guest room ready in case any family member decided to stop by suddenly. Although the room was ready with a hand-made quilt, few people ever came to visit her in her Winchester, Hampshire home in England. It made her a little sad because she wanted nothing more than to spend time with her loved ones. But they had their own lives to live and didn’t have as much time for her as they once did.

Because her guest room was seldom used, she seldom entered it. And that was a problem. One day, she heard a noise buzzing from behind the door. She hadn’t noticed it before, but now it was strong and loud. Worried that something might be wrong, she carefully pushed the door to the guest room open. And that’s when she saw a massive wasp nest growing on top of the bed…

When she finally opened the door, the more than 5,000 bees buzzed with ferocity and anger. She quickly shut the door and ran back into the hallway. What was she to do? The wasps had invaded her private sanctuary.

After a few moments of panic, the older woman took control of herself. She took a few deep breaths and tried to relax. Because of that, she was able to think more clearly again. She grabbed the phone book and looked for an exterminator. She placed the call immediately…

When exterminator John Birkett arrived on the scene, he observed how the wasps had chewed through the bedding and the pillow to make their massive nest. And although he had been an exterminator for more than 40 years, he had to admit that he had never seen anything like this before.

Before he got down to business, Birkett donned a protective suit. The wasps were dangerous and needed to be protected against. He admitted that if someone had not been careful and entered the room without noticing the wasps, they could have been seriously hurt. They needed that protective suit to remain alive…

“I had to think how to deal with this, and I couldn’t leave the door open very much or the wasps would escape into the rest of the house,” Birkett told the Independent.

For two hours, Birkett worked tirelessly to kill the wasps. In the process, he destroyed and removed the nest. Upon a closer inspection, he admitted that he thought the wasps spent at least three months building their nest in the guest room. They had burrowed so deeply in the mattress, they would have needed at least that much time to make it happen.

The homeowner was shocked that she had not had a guest in three months.

Birkett did have some mixed feelings about doing his job that day. He thought the nest was a work of art and felt some qualms about removing it.

You can be certain that this woman will be checking every room in her house more frequently now. No one wants a swarm of wasps to build a gigantic nest on their guest bed.

“I have mixed feelings about killing the wasps, because you don’t want to kill anything, but you have to do it because they were a pest,” he added.

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