Homeowner Rushes Snake To Hospital, Veterinarians Were In For Surprise At What He Tried Eating

Updated May 25, 2017

The biggest nightmare that most homeowners have is coming home to a house infested by snakes, right? Well, it certainly is in south Florida and, apparently, Australia, where a family returned home to find they had been burglarized. When the culprit was caught, you will not believe what happened next.

A family living on Australia’s Gold Coast recently returned home one evening to discover that their house had been broken into. They went throughout the home, assessing the damage and loses, and were literally stunned when they discovered the culprit still at the scene of the crime.

Laying in a state of agonizing engorgement was an unbelievably large python. The family immediately contacted a local snake handler (Australians keep guys like this on speed dial) named Tony Harrison to wrangle the swollen reptile.

Harrison quickly recognized that the snake was in distress and rushed the beast to a nearby veterinary hospital where an X-ray showed an obstruction in its digestive tract.

The snake was prepped for surgery which is always a dangerous proposition for animals. Choosing the right sedatives and dosages can mean the difference between anesthetizing and euthanizing a patient.

As the veterinary team proceeded, they made an incision in the snake’s belly at the point of the obstruction and cut through its stomach lining. When they retrieved the offending item, they were shocked to discover that the predatory snake had attacked and consumed a stuffed teddy bear. Had it not been removed surgically, it would have most certainly killed the python.

They closed the incision with fifteen stitches and put the snake onto a course of antibiotics to prevent infection. It is now recuperating at the clinic and will be reintroduced to the wild when it has fully recovered.

The teddy bear was returned to the family, and after about a thousand runs through the laundry, was back in almost cuddling condition. The family has decided to keep the teddy bear as a reminder of their brush with the snake.

Pythons naturally range from sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia, and the Philippines and New Guinea. There is also an epidemic of invasive Burmese pythons in South Florida, located there in the 1990’s by irresponsible pet owners who never should have been allowed to own the exotic reptiles in the first place.

Pythons kill their prey by constricting them.Typically, a python will lay in wait in a tree or in tall grass and ambush an animal. Their powerful muscles can crush bones into dust and suffocate even the most determined animals. When they feed, they consume the prey whole, and may take hours or days to fully ingest it.
In 2017, there was a documented case of a human being devoured by a python in Indonesia, and their have been many instances of pet owners being accidently killed by the powerful animals.

All snakes evolved from a common ancestor that produced venom, and while a python’s bite does not contain venom per se, they still have vestigial glands that produce toxins.

Have you ever had a snake sneak into you house, garage, or car? What did you do? Please share your stories with us here.