Homeowners On Vacation Get Video Sent To Them, Leaves Them Absolutely Besides Themselves

Updated August 10, 2017

When dog owners want to take long vacations, they have only a few options when it comes to their four-legged best friend. They could take the dog with them and enjoy the sights and sounds of somewhere new. While this would probably be the most fun for most dog owners, it is not always feasible as not every vacation is pet friendly. They could also put their dog in a kennel. This is convenient but often is not the best environment for dogs. Or the pet owner could hire a dog sitter. These people come stay at the person’s home and care for the dog like it is their own. It’s a great option if you can find a trustworthy sitter. One young dog sitter named James Laikos decided to make a special video that he could send to the puppy’s parents to show them all the fun they were missing with their dog while away on vacation. And the end result is the video below which has gone viral all over the world.

Laikos took his responsibility as a dog sitter to the next level. Because he knew that the dog’s owners were worried about their dog while they were away, he made them a video to help them relax.

He entitled his video “Cute Whippet Dog: Man’s Best Friend.”

With the family on a week-long vacation, they needed James to care for their dog, Skylar.

Because the family was leaving Skylar with someone new for a week, James decided to film the two of them on their adventures. He not only wanted the owners to know that Skylar was being taken care of, he wanted to document a fun week in his life.

One thing that gave the family some relief was that when James walked in, Skylar immediately took to him. And that was just the beginning of a fruitful week-long friendship.

Skylar was an active dog that needed a lot of exercise. This meant that the family urged James to give Skylar hours of outdoor fun while they were gone. Partially because he loved it and partially to prove that he completed the assigned task, James filmed them playing with a Frisbee in the backyard.

After playing in the backyard, James took Skylar out on a stroll through the neighborhood. Skylar was excited to get out and see all the sights and smell all the smells.

When the walk was over, it was time for Skylar and James to relax. But instead of lounging in front of the television, James wrapped a towel around his head and made funny faces in front of the camera with Skylar.

His dog sitting assignment quickly evolved into one of the best experiences James ever had with the dog. With the camera rolling, James decided to teach Skylar an important life lesson in exercise. He lectured the dog on core strength and started teaching the dog to use the exercise ball.

The video has been viewed millions of times since James uploaded it in 2009.

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