Horrible New Drug Is Taking America By Storm. Your Town Is Next. Here’s What You Need To Know…

Updated March 21, 2016

In Clearwater, Florida, authorities are in over their heads after a new batch of synthetic marijuana hits the streets and makes residents so high they are unable to move or speak.

The epidemic, which is affecting the Tampa Bay-area and growing, looks like a zombie movie come to life.

Recently, Clearwater police have received dozens of calls alleging people have used spice, or synthetic marijuana, and have overdosed. Some have died. Now police believe a bad batch of the deadly drug is circulating the state.

“We have noticed a serious uptick of Spice incidents lately that have turned into medical calls and it’s become a serious drain on resources for the police department for the fire department and then in turn for doctors say at Morton Plant Hospital where the patients end up,” police spokesman Rob Shaw told Fox 13.

Police warn that the epidemic is probably just heating up. They expect to see more zombie-like citizens roaming the city soon.

A video was leaked where Major Eric Gandy approaches three residents knocked out from spice in a city park.

“How long ago did you guys smoke spice? Young lady, how long ago did you smoke? What’s your name?” Gandy asked the group, WFLA reported. No one was capable of answering to the lawman.

“What’s your name?” Gandy asked. One man finally utters a slurred, subdued response. “My name?” the man asked.

WFLA describes the zombified people’s movements as “erratic.” The cause of this behavior is believed to be “super spice.”

“The spike that we’re seeing and my personnel are dealing with on the road are unprecedented,” Gandy said, adding that he at one point saw “15 people walking around in various states of incapacitation.”

Local resident Teddy admitted that he’s watched his friends become like zombies on the bad batch of drugs. But he’s been getting high without problems. Despite the scare, he doesn’t care and just wants to smoke away his problems.

“Well yeah, then you don’t know what’s in it,” he said. “You could be getting high on rat poisoning.”

Reporters asked Teddy if the super spice overdoses scared the drug user.

“Yeah, yeah,” he responded, “and it should scare you, too.”

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