Horse Finally Gives Birth To Foal Seven Days Overdue, Then They Notice She Starts Acting Odd

Updated July 18, 2017

Horses are beautiful creatures that have stood by humans since the dawn of time, and indeed, it would be hard to envision civilization without their contributions. So, it is no surprise that we care so deeply for these majestic creatures. Here is a remarkable video of a pregnant horse giving birth to not one, but two foals, and if this does not make your heart happy, check your pulse.

Daisy the horse was seven days overdue in giving birth to her foal, don Quixote. But when she finally went into labor, her owners were on hand to witness the miracle. However, just a few minutes later, they were pleasantly surprised when Daisy gave birth to a second baby horse, named Duet.

Mama and her two babies are perfectly healthy after the surprise pregnancy.
This heartwarming video has been watched over one million times, and many people have taken to social media to share their thoughts, saying things like:

“So happy they both were healthy. Beautiful.”- Kelly Shannon
“Sharing tears of joy for the amazing video showing the miracle birth of these twin colts. Well done, Daisy & caretaker, Jenny. With gratitude to our Almighty Lord. blessings.” – Jan Lea

“That is just awesome!! They are beautiful, all 3 of them!! Thank you for sharing!! Just amazing!”- Gaylene Sanchez

“How beautiful and wonderful, thank you for sharing that with us, a privilege we would not otherwise be able to witness. God bless their lives.”- Priscilla Laybolt

“That was lovely. The mare must have really trusted the guy to let him touch her tiny foal like that. Shows what a trusting mare she is and what a good relationship she must have at the stables to know that they are there to help.”- Debbie Peter

“My stable has twins to! They are both paints and have separation anxiety. You only need to put one on a lead line and the other will follow and they will not leave each other’s side unless there’s food but they still won’t leave unless you bring it closer so it can be with the other.”- Anon.

“Aww babies. Beautiful mama; she’s so calm! It’s a marvel to me that animal babies can stand at all, right away. After being all tucked in like a ball in their mama’s womb, they’re rudely ejected out in this weird environment, and boom they stand up. When they’re all legs, like foals are too! How the heck long does it take a human baby, a year?”- Anon.

“OH my goodness such a beautiful family of three! Your Daisy is gorgeous and her babies so handsome and pretty! WOW Twins so fortunate they are healthy! Good health to all always!”- Avera Hunter

“That mare is huge and what a nice surprise! 2 mares at the ranch I work on just had twins and they are all healthy so it was a VERY nice surprise.”- Anon.

“Beautiful.That mare had faith in her handlers and was able to deliver that second foal with ease.It was well managed.”- Lynn Hexler Hahn

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