Hospice Nurse Grants Patient Dying Wish, Serenades Her With Her Favorite Song (video)

Updated November 10, 2017

Being a hospice nurse is probably the most emotionally challenging of the medical careers. A hospice nurse is responsible for caring for someone who is close to death, which can be a rather somber time for both the patient and the nurse. It can be sad for the nurse if they have worked with the patient for awhile and formed a bond, and of course, it is difficult for the patient who is about to face death alone.

If you’ve ever had to witness a loved one die, then you probably understand that everyone has a different way of approaching death. Some are peaceful and accepting of it and others, are fearful. Either way, we can imagine it would be exceptionally hard to die long after your family and friends have died, and you are all alone.

Maria was a lifelong singing and piano teacher, and her love of music never faded, even when it came to her final great adventure.

Having taught music for so many years, Maria had students that were living all over the place. Some kept music in their lives, taking everything that Maria had taught them along with them, and others chose other hobbies.

As luck would have it, one of Maria’s students ended up working as a nurse in the hospice care where she was in Austinburg, Texas. Joshua had known Maria since he was nine years old and his love of singing and playing piano only grew as he life went on. Because Maria taught Joshua so much about music, he admired and respected her and the two created a bond during those last few days of her life. Much like the bond that she had with Joshua, Maria had a strong bond with music, which is why she requested that Joshua play the song “How Great Thou Art, ” for her final wish. Because the song meant a lot to her and gave her great comfort, she wanted the song to be played when she took her last breaths.

Because Joshua was so grateful to the woman who taught him about music, he decided to prepare to sing the song to her himself.

As Joshua sings the song with great talent, you can practically see Maria start to relax. It’s as if the music is moving through her as she takes her last breaths. It’s obvious that Joshua is great at his job. Maria needed comfort during her time of need, and Joshua went above and beyond to make sure she had it. Not only is his voice powerful and beautiful, but his heart was completely in the moment. It’s as if Maria’s love of music, came through at the very end. She had lived a life teaching and sharing her passion with others, and when it was time to say goodbye, all of her hard work came back to her, as if it was sending her off for her final journey.

When it is time to say goodbye, surely we will all have one last wish just like Maria did.