Hospital Staff Has Surprise For 11-Year-Old Cancer Patient, Has Her Smiling Ear To Ear

Updated May 16, 2017

People become doctors and nurses for a reason. They have the innate ability and desire to care for others and you seldom see someone getting into the medical fields without having compassion for others.

A group of doctors and nurses at the Medical City Children’s Hospital in Rockwell, Texas are showing one of their patients just how much they care, and they are showcasing some memorable dance moves as they do it.

When 11-year-old Alex Kiker thought she was going to a follow-up doctor’s appointment at the children’s hospital, the girl who had recently been told she was in remission from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, soon learned that it was anything but a doctors appointment. Instead, several of the doctors and nurses who had been with her during her initial diagnosis had surprised her with a flash mob and to top it all off, they had a beautiful message for her at the end of the song and dance.

As Alex entered the building she was escorted by a nurse and her family, but soon she was surrounded by dancing nurses and doctors all holding green and blue pom-poms. They performed for her and ended with an announcement that would put an endless smile on the young girl’s face. Several signs that read, “your wish is coming true,” were held up at the end of the performance and Alex soon learned that she would be going on vacation to an over-water bungalow in the French Polynesia with her family, as part of the Make-A-Wish North Texas foundation.

“Alex loves to swim in the ocean and play in the sand but she’s always said her least favorite part of the beach was the walk from the condo down to the water because she burned her feet,” her father, Cody Kiker, said. “Her wish was to stay in an over-water bungalow so she could just jump right in the water as soon as she wakes up.”

The doctors and nurses who treated Alex, along with her family, all agreed that the young girl has had an amazing attitude throughout the whole process of her treatments. She had been diagnosed with a rare disease known as nodular lymphocyte-predominant Hodgkin lymphoma (NLPHL),  which is a subtype of Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

“As the day wore on, she would randomly scream and I’d ask her, ‘What’s that for?’ and she’d say, ‘We’re going to Bora Bora,’” Cody said, naming the French Polynesia island that Alex wrote about in her Make-A-Wish request. “By the end of the night, I didn’t have to ask what the random screams were for.”

Alex and her family will get to celebrate at Alex’s dream locale after her family endured a grueling medical battle. She has been out of school since January and has undergone four rounds of chemotherapy.

“She has had the best attitude but hasn’t always been super easy,” said Cody. “When her hair started falling out, that was really tough for her. But she has handled it very well and others who have observed her attitude have really been lifted up.”