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Human Fecal Matter Found In Various Fast Food Chain’s Ice, Here’s The Official List

In the United Kingdom, you can have poop made to order at your favorite fast food chains. After a recent BBC One’s Watchdog investigation, it was discovered that three of your favorite major fast food chains have fecal coliforms inside the ice they serve. The three chains that have poopy ice are McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC. While some are worse than others, all three were revealed to be dirty places to drink cold drinks. The ice was sampled at 30 randomly chosen locations in the United Kingdom. And the results are shocking and disgusting.

BBC One’s team chose ten locations for each major chain. The amount of locations that had poop in their ice was far more than you’d ever believe.

Three of the ten McDonald’s locations had fecal matter coliforms in their ice. Six out of 10 locations had poop in ice at Burger King and KFC was the dirtiest with seven of ten locations serving poop on ice.

While some of the fecal samples were subtle, four of the Burger King and five of the KFC locations served their customers “significant” levels of poop bacteria in their ice.

This revelation is a disaster for fast food companies across the globe. They have been quick to jump out and get ahead of the terrible publicity.

In response, a KFC spokesperson said, “We are shocked and extremely disappointed by these results.”

KFC shut down the ice machines at the locations that were infected. They also reportedly inspected and cleaned ones from all other restaurants in the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, a McDonald’s spokesperson claimed they are concerned for their customers’ safety. Despite serving poop on their ice in thirty percent of the locations sampled, the fast food chain claims to already have robust cleaning protocols in place to ensure this type of thing doesn’t happen. But it looks like the cleaning measures are not good enough.

“As the investigation highlights, there are no specific ice production standards in place, only those relating to unfrozen drinking water. We would therefore welcome the introduction of an agreed standard and would be happy to work with relevant industry bodies,” the McDonald’s representative added.

Meanwhile, Burger King claims to be working with their UK locations to put better cleanliness procedures into place.

“This report is an opportunity for us to emphasize our training procedures and ensure all operations and safety standards are upheld in all … restaurants,” the statement reads.

Although the fast food chains claim to be working to keep their restaurants clean, many people are still rightfully worried.

Tony Lewis heads policy and education at the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health in the United Kingdom. He thinks the poop ice crisis is “extremely worrying.”

Lewis added, “When we’re finding the sorts of numbers we’re finding here, you have to look at the people making the ice, handling the ice, which they then transfer into the customers’ drinks. And then you also have to look at hygiene failure with potentially the machines themselves — they being kept clean?”

Will you ever trust these restaurants again?

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