Hungover Uncle Decides To Ride With Excited Niece. Video That’s Captured Has Me Cracking Up

Updated May 11, 2017

No matter how much you love them, children can get on your nerves. There are numerous reasons some days are worse than others. Perhaps, you didn’t get enough sleep and have limited willpower to deal with their annoying ways of acting today. Or maybe you’re like the uncle in this funny video clip. He is really hungover.

As you’ll see the hungover “uncle” Nathan was stuck in the back of the car with a young girl. But in the video, you can clearly see the man’s face of contempt as he must endure her loud and terrible singing after the New England Patriots won a game…

While in the car with his best friend Stephanie Janicki, “uncle” Nathan could not shake the effects of last night’s debauchery. And as he is stuck seated next to the enthusiastic little girl, Nathan cannot tear the look of contempt and resentment from his face.

The man, whose face is gray, cannot bear to listen to the music from the Magic School Bus. And as you’ll see, the look on his face is hilarious – he can’t stand the popular children’s program that is running on the radio.

Because her daughter comes first, Stephanie played the song that she loves most. She wanted her daughter to be comfortable and happy, and put her well being before her long-time friend Nathan’s as they drove in the car.

Because the girl’s mom, from Orange County, California knew that she was torturing Nathan with the children’s soundtrack, she set up the camera to film the guy’s hilarious facial expressions of contempt.

“I couldn’t stop cracking up when I saw his face,” Stephanie said. “Nathan and my daughter are as thick as thieves, she even calls him “uncle Nate”. However, they did not see eye to eye in this situation at all.”

You can watch Nathan shake his head in disbelief before eyeing the little girl from the corner of his eyes before trying to get comfortable.

“The New England Patriots staging the greatest comeback in sports history after trailing in the Super Bowl for three quarters was the direct cause of this brutal hangover,” she continued explaining. “He can’t get over so many people finding amusement in what was clearly one of the most agonizing moments of his life.”

Check out the video below and watch the little girl’s singing torture Nathan the New England Patriots fan.

Readers across the internet had a lot to say. Here are some of the most popular comments on Daily Mail:

“Been there, Done it, Got the teeshirt,” wrote on empathizer.

“They’ve both got good actors’ faces. The camera loves them, as the saying goes. Should start out doing TV commercials to get used to production sets,” shared an enthusiastic reader.

“Never again… you can hear the words spinning around his mind,” wrote another person who understands.

Have you ever been in an annoying situation like this with a young child? What do you think about Nathan’s response?

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