Husband Confused Why Wife Kept Asking To Check Empty Oven For Buns. Finally Figures It Out

Updated October 30, 2017

When Dana Griffin-Graves discovered she was pregnant, she was ecstatic. Because she and her husband Arkell Graves, struggled with conceiving on their own for 17 years, she was extremely cautious when telling people that she was expecting. She was so cautious that she waited five months before even telling her husband.

When she did decide to tell Arkell, Dana went all out and surprised him with the news by putting a package of buns along with a sweet note in the oven. She filmed him receiving the news and the video went viral, winning hearts all around the world.

The moment was an emotional one considering all of the ups and downs the couple had with trying to conceive in the past. After four miscarriages and one stillbirth, the couple had assumed they wouldn’t be able to have biological children, so they adopted a little boy named Keelyn.

As to be expected, the birth announcement was quite a happy shock to both of them.

But not long after the Graves were celebrating their soon-to-be new addition, their news got derailed when their baby boy decided to make his entrance into the world much earlier than planned.

Dana went into labor on October 20, 2015, and delivered, Kaleb Arkell Graves, who weighed less than a pound.

While the family was thrilled that they had a new baby boy, they had a long road ahead of them.

He was in the hospital for six months struggling with chronic lung disease and he was recovering from surgery to repair a hole in his heart. At this point, it looked like Kaleb was on the mend and the family was excited that they would be able to take him home soon.

But, putting another bump in the road, the Graves were told that Kaleb would have to stay in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) for another six months due to some other health setbacks. He needed to have a g-tube put in his stomach to help get the nutrients that he needed and he also had to have a tracheostomy tube put in his throat to help him breathe.

Six months later, the Graves finally received some good news and Kaleb was approved to be released from the NICU. The news was certainly something to celebrate which is why Arkell and Dana decided to throw a party in the hospital for their NICU grad. The party was complete with a baby-sized cap and gown for Kaleb to where. Every doctor and nurse who was along for Kaleb’s year-long journey was there to celebrate with the family and send him on his way.

On October 11, 2016, Kaleb finally went home and the Graves family is ecstatic to bring their baby home.

Bringing a baby home for the first time is surely one of the happiest moments for couples, but for Arkell and Dana, this is a moment that probably felt magical and monumental. They will forever be able to tell little Kaleb about the strength that he had as a baby. This little boy is certainly a fighter.