I Always Thought California Would Be A Beautiful Place To Live In. But After Seeing THIS? YIKES!

Updated June 27, 2016

California is one of the most popular states in our nation.  It has almost unbeatable weather, with loads of people, a great atmosphere, and it is often times where dreams come true.

Though California is widely sought after as a living place, it can also be extremely difficult to life a comfortable life near the seashore due to some of the problems that California’s coastline has been experiencing in the past decade.

Erosion, collapse, and the havoc that is fueled by global warming and rising sea levels threatens much of the landscape in the coastal communities, and some of the photos documenting this are chilling.

You have probably heard of cities and large metropolis areas becoming endangered due to rising sea levels.  Right now, Beijing is sinking almost 4 inches a year, meaning that by 2100 we could see the entire city swamped by the ocean.

Coupled along with the general estimate that by 2100 the sea level will rise 6.5 feet, great urban areas are in extreme danger.  It is the communities that do not boast large sky scrapers or expensive hotels that often times you don’t hear about though, and their communities are just as ravaged as those that are in the limelight.


Though California has been suffering one of the worst droughts they have seen, the water keeps coming further and further into the mainland, which is having extreme problems for especially large buildings like this one.

For a building to stand sturdily on the earth, a proper foundation with adequate support is needed so that the land on the sides will not spill out. In this photo, you can see that an entire face of the building has virtually no earth supporting it at all anymore, meaning that if something is not done quickly, this building is will cease to exist very soon.  It is on the very verge of total collapse.


Many efforts have been taken such as building sea walls and levees, but little can stop the force of the ocean.

This house is about to fall into the ocean completely, and will leave nothing behind but a large spill of dirt and debris.


All 147 miles of the California coast now has their eyes peeled and are ready to take action whenever disaster is about to strike.

Recently, it has also been found that the Greenland Ice Sheet has been melting at an alarmingly rapid rate, which has been causing sea levels to rise dramatically, and will continue to do so.

If problems like this aren’t stopped soon enough, then coastlines like the one that California is known for are going to be washed away before we know it, displacing thousands and causing billions in damage.

There are so many pictures of alarming destruction caused by the sea level rise. Let us know what experience you have if any you have with the crumbling coastlines on our nation’s shores in the comments below!