I Didn’t Think He Was Serious When He Said Who His Horse’s Best Friend Was, Captures Video

Updated February 23, 2017

There is a reason why we get attached to our pets. Because they offer a loyal friendship that stays with us forever and throughout the lifetime of our furry friends, we often pick up on their personality traits and emotions. When our dogs get excited when we come home for the evening, they are displaying signs of happiness, which is an emotion. And when our cats snuggle up to us they are looking for love, which is a sign of the emotion known as trust. They trust us to provide them with the love and care that they need to survive. And most of us have witnessed and animal showing caution or hesitance, which is a sign of intuition.

If you are the proud owner of a rescued dog or cat, you may notice that your pet avoids men or women. If so, there is a good chance that this animal has witnessed mistreatment done by the particular gender that they are avoiding. Let’s not forget the need for friendship that dogs tend to portray more than cats. When a dog sees another dog while walking down the street, they usually get excited and pull toward their fellow canine. They just want a little play and companionship like the rest of us.

Whiskey Brown is a 4-year-old stallion who has no qualms about showing off his softer side. While he seems big and tough, this sweet guy is in love with his best friend, a 2-year-old dog named Lucy. And just because the two animals are of different species, that doesn’t stop them from playing and communicating with one another through a secret language. In the video below, you can witness the unlikely pair interacting in a way that makes you wonder if they even realize who is the dog and who is the horse.

Lucy and Whiskey Brown are comfortable in each other’s presence as they start out batting a ball back and forth. Whiskey grabs hold of Lucy’s lip, but in such a gentle fashion that the dog doesn’t flinch. Then the two enjoy a game of chase as they switch off who leads and who follows, keeping both of them on their toes. They are galloping through the open field doing what they love…being together and getting exercise.

This pair shows us that animals need companionship just as much as humans. Lucy and Whiskey are obviously both very happy in one another’s presence and we can guess that they would be heartbroken if they had to be separated.

Commenters appreciated the video and the evident bond that Whiskey and Lucy share…

“Gorgeous horse, cute dog and great surroundings… What more could you asked for?!”
And several can agree that animals are much less stressful to be around…
“This is all I would need to be happy for the rest of my life. People? Meh. Animals are so much better.”
And for those who doubted the bond between animals, this video is proof of its existence…
“What a display of friendship in these two animals, there is so much beauty in this.”