I Doubted Him It Would Ever Work, Then He Proved Me Wrong And Filmed The Proof [watch]

Updated March 24, 2017

Do you know how to start a fire if you’re caught in the wilderness without a lighter or matches? Few people in our computerized society know any tricks like that. And if the world ended tomorrow, in a huge natural disaster or a man-made tragedy, billions would struggle to feed themselves and survive.

But if you spend a few minutes now learning the necessary survival tricks to keep your heart beating and your family fed after an apocalypse, you can be among the few worthy to live on. Just some time learning new skills is all that’s required. And to help you, we’re going to share a trick to start a fire using a lemon.

YouTuber NorthSurvival shared the simple “survival tip that you don’t want to miss.” In the video, you’ll discover that starting a fire with a lemon and a few other tools is easier than you would have thought. Check out how to do it below!

With just a lemon, six copper clips, six nails, a piece of wire, and steel wool, you’re ready to start a fire. While you might not have all these items ready to go, don’t you think you should in the even that you and your family are thrust into a survival situation tomorrow?

With more than 21 million views, this life hacker from Russia has come up with a trick that people care about.

First, take the lemon between your palms and soften up the fruit. Then push the copper clips down into the lemon. Keep them on the same side and press them so they’re about a centimeter or a half-inch apart. You can watch him doing this at the 53-second mark.

With those in place, it is time to do the same thing with the sink nails. Line them up in a line about an inch from the copper clips.

Then attach the wire to the first copper clip and the second sink nail. Then attach the second copper clip to the third nail and so on.

When you attach the copper and zinc, you’re fostering a chemical reaction that creates electricity.

Then create a wire to each side. You’ll attach the sink nail to a wire to create a minus polarity. Then attach a wire to the empty copper pin to create a positive polarity.

This lemon can produce about 5 volts of electricity.

Now it’s time to start a fire! Take the steel wool and place it in a safe place. Then put some dried tinder on top of the steel wool.

Then carefully touch both ends of the wire to the steel wool. This will create a circuit that causes the wool to grow red hot and burn the tinder creating a fire.

Here’s what viewers like you thought:

“when life gives you lemons, build a campfire. Am I seriously the first one to say this?” wrote Ninja Plays Games.

“What are the chances of you having a lemon, steel wool and nails but not a match?” said Love2blog.

Pal Kristian Berntzen Bjartan claims it will not work: “he katodes (copper nails, that aren’t acutally copper) and the anodes (zink coated nails) with a wire between are short-circuited, and won’t deliver any current through the circuit created with the steel wool. Only the two nails connected through the steel wool will deliver current to that circuit, but not nearly enough to heat the steel wool red-hot.”

Would you use this trick if you had all the items and tools?

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