I Never Knew It Was So Easy To Make. All You Need Is Two Binder Clips And A Paper [video]

Updated February 23, 2017

While losing weight and eating healthier are the most common New Year’s Resolutions, life and self-improvement are the second most common. And among that category, improved organization of your life and home is certainly included.

One simple way to get more organized is the binder clip. Yes, this will hold a large stack of papers together. But with a little creativity and the help of other DIYers, you’ll see that this common office supply offers so much more than you’d expect.

Below, we’ll introduce many different uses to get you started. With a collection of binder clips, which you can buy at any office store, you can start organizing home in minutes. Check out how with some ideas now!

The best way to get organized (besides decluttering and throwing stuff away), is to create some space to store stuff. Want to create a cool storage shelf, grab some plastic bins or wooden buckets and use binder clips to attach them together.

If you’re hosting a dinner part or throwing a DIY wedding, clip name tags or table numbers into your binder clips. This will give you fancy place setting on the cheap – and you don’t have to buy anything. Just go into your utility drawer for some of these binder clips.

Protect your sponges with a binder clip. They get smelly when they sit on the counter and ferment in the moisture. Clip the sponge on the bottom edge, then use the clip’s feet to hold it up.

I always rubbed the near empty toothpaste tube against a sharp edge. But then I learned to attach a binder clip on the back and easily get the last of it onto my brush.

Stack water bottles or beer cans in your fridge with ease. Simply attach some binder clips to the grating and your pyramid of bottles won’t go anywhere without your permission.

You can attach cool DIY tags to your binder clips. This helps you label your favorite photo albums and keep things organized. Now exactly what year of memories the photobook shows.

We all know how annoying it is to keep our headphones and wires organized. Attach a binder clip to your wall and you have a makeshift hook.

If you enjoy a minimalist desk, remove the frames from your pictures and hold them up with binder clips.

My earbuds always got tangled until I learned this binder clip hack. Coil them up and then hold them in place with your binder clip.

Speaking of cords, binder clips help busy people organize their wires and computer jacks. Just use them to keep your chargers organized by clipping them to the edge of your desk.

With some Mod Podge, you can create your own clipboard. Attach pretty paper to a piece of cardboard, then put a binder clip at the top. Voila!

Colored binder clips make perfect napkin holders. You can spray paint them gold, silver, or whatever color matches your table.

What do you think about these binder clip life hacks? MORE ideas in the video below!

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